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Pick Up the Phone! Tell Your Rep: Skip the Speech! Speak Up for Peace!

Pick up the phone! Tell your rep:

Skip the Speech! Speak Up for Peace!

House Speaker John Boehner has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress on Tuesday March 3 in a blatant effort to sabotage the Administration’s promising negotiations with Iran about its nuclear energy program. So far 22 Representatives and 3 Senators have said they won’t attend the speech.

Call your Brooklyn Rep today! Cong. switchboard: 202-224-3121
Calls to Yvette Clarke if you’re in her district, and also Senator Gillibrand, are especially important.
Ask them to:

  1. Skip Netanyahu’s speech,
  2. Support the Administration’s negotiations with Iran about its nuclear energy program
  3. Speak out for a nuclear-free Middle East, which includes Israel as well as Iran.E-mail us at to let us know you called.

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Tell Congress: Vote NO on Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Calls to your own representative, and also to Senator Schumer (he’s on the Senate Finance Committee) are especially important.

Fast Track legislation would mandate no more than 20 hours of debate on the whole TPP and one Yes or No vote on the entire package within 90 days. Fast Track changes US governance by giving to the president the authority over international trade assigned to congress by the US Constitution.
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MARCH 2, Mon, 6-7 pm: Vigil outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC)
End abuses of human rights and civil liberties in “War on Terror” cases, often against Muslims

NEXT VIGIL MON March 2, 6-7 pm

End abuses of human rights and civil liberties in “War on Terror” cases, often against Muslims.
“No Separate Justice!”.  The mission of the No Separate Justice campaign is to highlight the gross abuses of the “war on terror” which have taken place in prisons and courtrooms across the United States. The purpose of the monthly vigils is to keep these injustices before our eyes.

No Separate Justice! campaign is a coalition of community groups, academics, family members and human rights and civil liberties organizations including Amnesty International USA, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-New York, and Educators for Civil Liberties. Brooklyn For Peace supports and endorses this campaign. “No Separate Justice” exposes and works to end a pattern of human rights and civil liberties abuses in “War on Terror” cases in the U.S. criminal justice system. Many of these cases are against Muslims or people associated with Muslim groups.
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MAR 3, Tuesday, 7 pm: BDS in NYC: Successes and Challenges

Come to learn about and discuss:
BDS in NYC: Successes and Challenges

Sarah Aly, President, Brooklyn College Students for Justice in Palestine
Hannah Mermelstein, Adalah–NY (New York Capaign for the Boycott of Israel
Thomas Cox, Park Slope Food Co-op Member for BDS

First Unitarian Congregational Society of Brooklyn, 110 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn Heights
Trains: 2/3/4/5/R to Boro Hall; A/C/F to Jay Street/Metrotech

Sponsors: Jewish Voice for Peace/NYC Chapter; Weaving the Fabric of Diversity (First Unitaran Congregational Society, Brooklyn)
Endorsed by: Brooklyn for Peace

See it on Facebook.
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MAR 11, WED, 10 pm: “War No More”: BFP Monthly Show on Brooklyn Community Access Television
Noam Chomsky, Parthmaker to Peace at BFP’s 30th: Highlights, Part Three

War No More: BFP’s monthly show on Brooklyn Community Access Television:

Did you miss any of our recent forums? Catch the highlights!

The MAR 11  program will feature Noam Chomsky’s Pathmaker to Peace presentation at BFP’s 30th anniversary celebration on Nov 15, 2014 (Highlights, Part Three, including Q& A.)

Tune in by cable in Brooklyn at Channel 1998 (TimeWarner); Chanel 68 (Cablevision); Channel 83 (RCN); Channel 43 (Verizon).

Don’t have cable access or you’re not in Brooklyn?
Watch from anywhere on your computer.
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MAR 13, FRI, 7 pm: Divest & Reinvest: Panel Discussion

Learn about the morla, strategic, and financial argument for divesting from fossil fuels and investing in renewables.

Panel presentation with:
Nina Macapiniac, Coordinator of Alumni Organizing, Responsible Endowments, will speak about university alumni divestment/reinvestment campaigns
Lisa DiCaprio, Associate Director of Curriculum, Paul McGhee Division, NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies will discuss the financial aspects of divestment and new fossil fuel free investment options.

Tim Woodcock, co-founder of HomeEdison, an energy company that specializes in renewable energy, will offer an overview of the procedures and benefits for implementing renewable energy systems in NYC.

Amy Miller of will speak about local actions in the global fossil fuel divestment movement, with a focus on city and state pension fund campaigns.

Steve Knight, Religious Communities for Divestment and Reinvestment

LOCATION; Park Slope United Methodist Church, 410 Sixth Ave (corner of 8th St.) Park Slope, Brooklyn
Train: F/G to Sevents Ave (at 9th St); R to 4th Ave (at 9th St)
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Join Global Divestment Campaign: Call NY State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli:
Divest State Pension Funds From Fossil Fuel Industry

Friday, Feb. 13 was Global Divestment Day. Hundreds of events took place worldwide calling upon governments, faith groups, universities and others to divest their investments in the fossil fuel industry which is driving climate change. Local protests took place in NYC, Albany, and Syracuse. More info:

It’s not too late:  Let’s make eveery day Global Divestment Day:
If you didn’t call on Friday, calll State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli at 518-474-4044 TODAY!
Tell him: Divest the State Pension Funds from Fossil Fuels.  He has the legal authority to do it!
If you can’t get through on the phone, send an e-mail:
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“Take on Hate” Campaign: Join Arab American Association of NY in Mourning the Murder of 3 Muslim Students in North Carolina

On Fri Feb 13, a Vigil in Bay Ridge Mourned the Murder of the 3 Muslim Students in North Carolina

This vigil was organized by the Arab American Association of New York, the Muslim Community Network, Muslim American Society, Council on American-Islamic Relations, American Muslims for Palestine, and the Islamic Leadership Council of Metro New York

Now let’s join the  TAKE ON HATE Campaign, calling upon all Americans to address the current acceptability of prejudice toward Arab and Muslim Americans, and to stand up for change.
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No Weaponized and Surveillance Drones in NYC!!

Lets Say NO!! to Weaponized and Surveillance Drones in NYC.
E-mail to receive information on how you can participate in campaign to get NYC Council to vote against bringing drones into NYC.

Check out KnowDrones and Granny Peace Brigade  for info on drones, especially in NYC.

In an article in the May 20 edition of the New York Daily News, reporter Tina Moore comments on William Bratton’s support for the concept of drones in the following way: “Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the unmanned machines equipped with cameras and tiny microphones could help spy on crime hotspots–like housing projects, where shootings are up about 32% this year.”

Although it’s unlikely that Bratton was naive enough to utter those exact words, it is probable that spying on the citizenry of New York is indeed what he intends to do. His exact words were, “Myself, I’m supportive of the concept of drones, not only for police but for public safety in general . . . It’s something that we actively keep looking at and stay aware of.”

With this warning ringing in our ears, we’re heading for 125th Street to alert the citizenry that drones will be coming–if not tomorrow, certainly within a few years.


FEB 25, Wed, 6 pm: Josept Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-winning Economist, speaks on the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Join us for a community meeting to learn about the dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and how it can be stopped.
Congressman Joseph Crowley of Queens (he represents Jackson Heights) can play a key role in stopping the TPP in its tracks!

@ PS 69, 77-02 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens

The event will feature Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and will highlight how this trade agreement threatens our jobs, health, communities, and environment.
See it on Facebook.

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No More Hiroshimas! No More Nagasakis! No More Fukushimas!

Did you know??
In March 2013, Norway hosted a conference in Oslo on the Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons, with 127 governments in attendance. The US boycotted this conference! A follow-on conference is scheduled in Mexico in early 2014. The U.S. has not committed to attending.

In May 2013, a new United Nations working group began meeting in Geneva “to develop proposals to take forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations for the achievement and maintenance of a world without nuclear weapons.”  The first ever UN High-Level Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament will take place on September 26, 2013,  in New York.  But, the US is refusing to participate in the UN Disarmament Working Group, and has been silent on the September meeting.

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We Will Not Be Silent Shirts For Purchase!
Share your message with the world.

WE WILL NOT BE SILENT! Wear your message on your chest!

WE WILL NOT BE SILENT is an artist/activist collective that has worked together since 2006. Through the creative use of language embodied on shirts and at times emboldened on signs held up in public spaces, WE WILL NOT BE SILENT responds to current social justice issues, encouraging creative direct public actions, where many people can participate.

Check out the text you want to wear!

Choose from these and other collections: Reclaim; Greed Kills; Peace with Iran; Palestine; Tibet; Toward Liberation; and more.

Purchase your T-shirt on line at this link:
You’ll be spreading the word while supporting the work of this energetic and important group.

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Every Thursday, 5:30-6:30 pm:
Vigil: “Women in Black”: Justice for Palestine

Every Thursday, 5:30–6:30 pm (weather permitting)

Join the Women in Black Vigil Union Square (on the little traffic island at 14th St & Broadway)
Express your outrage at the continuing siege as well as the U.S. policy toward Israel-Palestine that allows the blockade to continue.
Both women and men are welcome to participate. Learn more about the Women in Black Vigil.

E-mail for local contact information for New York Women in Black

Self-Defense Classes for Teens, Adults, Transpeople, LGBTQ, and Transyouth Age 12–19
Center for Anti-Violence Education

The Center for Anti-Violence Education offers  self-defense classes for teen, adults, transpeople and LGBTQ.women and transyouth aged 12-19.
Check it out!

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