Media Resources

Welcome to the media section of Brooklyn For Peace. We hope these programs and images will inspire and educate at the same time. Connect to Brooklyn For Peace’s YouTube channel and the latest videos of Edward Briody, a member of Brooklyn For Peace (and one of the videographers for our events). He has his own YouTube channel containing not only BFP’s videos but his work on other peace and social justice projects. We have launched our Vimeo channel where you can view some art pieces, promos and other visual mediums.

We have our monthly program “War No More” which is on cablecast on BRIC (Brooklyn Public Network Free Speech, Ch.2). Airs every second Tuesday and Thursday of each month at 8 am and 10 pm; all the same week.

You can view it several ways:

  • See it on Cable: Verizon FiOS Ch 43; Optimum Ch 68; Spectrum Ch 1996; RCN Ch 83 (Brooklyn residents only)
  • At the time of the broadcast (live stream on your computer) (BRIC )
  • Or watch at your convenience on BFP YouTube channel

Want to view some BFP history?

Visit our photo gallery section that is linked to our expansive SmugMug Gallery of photographs and videos taken by Matthew Weinstein and other members of BFP organization.


The BFP YouTube content includes lectures, town halls and culture festivals related to peace, social justice, climate change, economic justice, world affairs and much more.


Our new Vimeo channel should really jump-start the videographers in all of us. Here we will post some of our Art & Culture projects. Can’t have too many video channels….not really.

Ed Briody

Here are the latest videos created by Edward Briody member of Brooklyn For Peace and one of our videographers.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, visit our photo gallery and see the history of Brooklyn For Peace. The excellent skill and generosity of PEJ’s Matthew Weinstein who has taken most of our pictures over the years is greatly appreciated and has help document the 36 years plus activities of our organization.  Visit BFP SmugMug Enjoy!