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Our peace and social justice works extend and covers many important issues. We support other like-minded organizations by sponsoring and joining forces. The world stage is an ever-changing kaleidoscopic which presents a challenge to addressing every upcoming event that requires attention.  To better serve our community we look to finding ways to do that. We are currently focusing on these peace and social justice areas.

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Get Involved! Our committees, working groups and campaign focus group meet regularly to plan and carry out work for peace, international law, climate change, social and economic justice. Help us continue to build and solidify foundations of peace with social and economic justice that will stand the tests of time.

Watch Impact of the War on Gaza, on Health Care and Human Rights, with Dr. Alice Rothchild

Dr. Alice Rothchild addresses these crucial questions: What was the state of health care in Gaza before the October assault? What is the impact on civilians of the massive bombing and dislocation of Gaza? What is International Human Rights law, and has it been violated? Have war crimes been committed? Has the war reached the level of genocide? and most importantly: What can we do?


They say a picture is worth a thousand words….. Visit our media/video page and discover our rich history of activism for over 35 years through the eyes of those who documented their experiences. And check out our latest virtual forums and town halls.

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“Israelism” Available for Streaming Starting June 7

“Israelism” will be available for streaming on several platforms starting TODAY, June 7! Please check it out and spread the…

Recurring Weekly Events Calling for Ceasefire in Gaza + Organizations Working for Peace, Co-Existence, and Shared Future for Palestinians and Israelis

As the US continues to arm and support Israel’s genocide in Gaza, we need to continue to show up consistently,…

Statements in solidarity with student protests for Gaza (May, 2024)

As the US continues to arm and support Israel’s genocide in Gaza, we need to continue to show up consistently,…

Imagine if what’s happening to Gaza happened in Brooklyn:

1.4 million people would be crammed into neighborhoods of Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach (shown as gray…

Catholic Church and Nuclear Weapons

In the years since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, there has been much less concern about nuclear…

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