The UNICEF Committee started in 2004 as a brainchild of Jane Friedson and Cheryl
Pyrch. Our core mission has not changed during the past 17 years. It is to put a spotlight on the link between child welfare and peace. Every society that is working hard to improve the health, education, safety, housing and nutrition for all children is already on a pathway towards peace! It cannot be otherwise.

Children have rights. They need a voice. This committee is designed to build awareness of children’s rights while raising money for children’s development, health, protection and education. We reach out to schools, merchants and neighbors, encouraging their participation in the annual Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. This is a seasonal committee.


UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations. Its mission is to provide humanitarian and developmental aid worldwide. They have a presence in 192 nations. Its 2021 budget is over $7 billion; which is a lot of money, but it falls far short of what is needed. READ MORE….

Activities of UNICEF Committee (Pre-Covid)

  1. Handed out 1,000 UNICEF collection boxes during the two weekends before
  2. On Halloween afternoon and evening set up four tables along 7 th Ave. READ MORE…..

The Wrath of the COVID Pandemic

Trick or Treat for UNICEF is now virtual (no more coins or currency) and remote, children collect donations via email; social media (no more ringing doorbells with collection boxes in hand).

COVID is in every Brooklyn neighborhood. It has a heavier presence in some areas than it has in other places. Unfortunately, right now, there are no safe havens. Brooklyn schools are trying as best as they can to be COVID-free zones. They enforce quarantine rules that require cooperation and diligence. Access to schools is severely limited. It is difficult to start conversations with a school’s leadership. Fortunately, we are working well with the schools we have relations with.

Join Us!

We invite you to join and work with the UNICEF committee. Email us to find out the meeting schedule.

Although the UNICEF committee is seasonal and is most active during the fall season, the work that UNICEF does and how it helps teaches our children the power of giving is one of the reasons why BFP has worked with Monroe and Diane Allison all these years.

UNICEF Committee Schools’ 2021 Halloween drives

For our schools during the Halloween 2021 drives we have done:

  1. several email blasts;
  2. zoom calls and online meetings;
  3. many phone calls to resolve specific issues;
  4. have available for the schools an energetic person from UNICEF USA who has screen sharing who can guide the schools through the complex registration procedures needed to generate the links that the students will use to collect their donations and
  5. in the past Jaki Florsheim and my wife, Diane, did performances at school assemblies and shorter ones in the classrooms; this year we sent two videos for the schools to be shown in their classrooms. Below are some videos. Enjoy!

Video of Monroe Allison talking about
how his parents started
Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Expand to see the full screen to see the video

The video –  Diane and some students from P.S.9 singing the Trick or Treat for UNICEF song that she wrote. It was professional produced by UNICEF USA and has been shown to 100,000’s of students throughout the U.S.A.


The Brooklyn For Peace UNICEF Committee does more than help schools run Trick or Treat for UNICEF drives. Our school programs include welcoming refugees and immigrants into the students’ neighborhood and schools, giving materials to schools to teach the United Nations seventeen initiatives for sustainable living, and advocating for the USA to adopt the U.N.-sponsored Rights of the Child.

U.S. media often covers what is happening within the Security Council of the U.N., which is where all of the major decisions are made. But oftentimes we are not as aware of what is going on in the General Assembly. Though the General Assembly has very little power, their work is outstanding and is becoming an eloquent voice for peace, justice and reconciliation.

U.S. foreign policy has been deplorable. Regime change has been our dominant tool. Our Republicans destroyed the government of Iraq and our Democrats destroyed the government of Libya. Both were abysmal failures that have brought chaos to the Middle East and North Africa. It is imperative that we listen to what is being said in the United Nations General Assembly where all countries can have a voice in the ongoing conversation about how to improve our world and build a more peaceful and sustainable future.


Click this link Trick or Treat for UNICEF to find out how you can get involved.

It can be as simple as making a donation to UNICEF.

Or, you can think about how to involve children you know. Filing out the Fundraiser application is easy when you just need one link or only a few more for your idea. The Fundraiser application allows you to set dates as late as Nov. 30th. This later date is especially helpful if you want to involve children who consider themselves too mature to do trick or treating. Please give it a thought. Trick or treating for UNICEF is all about teaching children to be good global citizens; and the kids, learning about the importance of what they did.


Help Us Raise Funds for Future Generations of Children.