Social and Economic Justice

We work for social and economic justice globally and locally. We support the transfer of resources from military to human needs. We recognize the ongoing crisis of systemic racism and its impact on every aspect of our society, which is fundamentally based in white supremacy.

Current Campaign of the PEJ Committee

We are pushing on two fronts right now: Local and Federal. To view the slide presentations, click play.


Local – for the last year and a half, the PEJ Committee and Brooklyn For Peace have been a major component in a citywide coalition, Move The Money – NYC. That coalition, composed of some 60 organizations, including labor, peace, social justice, clergy and lay and community groups, have been pushing for passage of a resolution, No.747A, in the City Council. See our slideshow below for details about the dramatic significance of the passage of Resolution 747A and what it would mean to our City and on the national stage. And, as the slideshow suggests, get involved by contacting your City Council Member and urging the powerful Council Speaker, Corey Johnson to allow a vote on the resolution; something he has been opposed to so far.


Federal – one of the most important bills in Congress right now is the PRO Act, H.R. 842 PRO stands for Protecting the Right to Organize. The bill, if passed, would undo decades of attacks on labor unions which lost half of their membership in the U.S. in the period of 1979 to 2019. And as labor lost power and membership, so did the living standards of America’s working families decline exponentially. The PRO act would put teeth back into the Labor Relations Review Board that could demand accountability from large corporate powers who use unfair practices, fueled by their immense wealth, in defeating organizing drives in American companies. We saw the result of that terribly uneven and unfair balance of power in the recent election at an Amazon facility in Bessemer, Alabama. Take a look a the slideshow below to learn how you can contact your House Representatives and Senators to urge them to fight hard for passage of the PRO Act.

If you wish to get more involved with helping us, reach out to our Peace and Economic Committee via email.


 If you want to find out more or get involved with this area of our organization, email us


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