Peace Activism

Our core mission is the prevention of war. We educate about the causes of war, and speak out for the peaceful resolution of conflict. We promote U.S. policies based on human rights and the advancement of international law. We seek to eliminate nuclear, biological, chemical, and conventional weapons by all entities in an internationally coordinated process. We are a member group of United for Peace and Justice.

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Upcoming Events

The Doomsday Machine: Nuclear Weapons Past and Future

Speaker: Daniel Ellsberg, American Economist, Former U.S. Military Analyst, and Political Activist. Daniel Ellsberg was a whistleblower who released copies…

AFRICOM at 13- Webinar

The U.S. defeat in Afghanistan occurred years ago, a fact verified by revelations found in the “Afghanistan Papers.” This defeat…

Decolonizing Archeology: Lessons from the African Burial Ground 30 Years Later

You’re invited to a teach-in with: Dr. Michael Blakey, lead anthropologist for the Lower Manhattan African Burial Ground. Dr. Blakey…

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