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Webinar: The Politics of Israel-Palestine in the US:

June 16, 2021 @ 6:30 PM 7:30 PM

The Isreal Lobby and the Growing Movement for a New US Policy Toward the Palestinians

Wednesday, June 16 at 7 PM.

Philip Weiss is the founder and a frequent contributor to the influential website Mondoweiss, which has become a go-to source worldwide for news, analysis and opinion about the Middle East and especially the struggle for justice in Palestine-Israel. Now, more than ever, with Palestinians facing Israeli violence in Occupied Jerusalem and under Israeli bombing in Gaza, progressives are pushing for a new US policy that upholds Palestinian rights rather than continue a one-sided tilt toward Israel. Understanding the political terrain in the US and the still massive influence of Israel Lobby organizations and funding – which underpins US funding for the Israeli military to the tune of almost $4 billion a year and provides diplomatic cover for Israeli occupation — are crucial for achieving the change we need. Join this conversation with Philip Weiss about how to move ahead and what obstacles we face politically at home.

Massachusetts Peace Action