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Marking Indian Point’s Closing – One Down, Four to Go

April 30, 2021 @ 3:30 PM 5:00 PM

On Friday April 30, if all goes according to plan, the 3rd and final reactor at Indian Point will be shut down. It’s one step – a necessary step – along the way to decommissioning that will need more than a watchful eye.

Join us on Friday, April 30th, to take a moment to reflect, and to mark this achievement. The event is dedicated to Gary Shaw and the thousands of activists and protestors who played a role – presenting testimony at NRC hearings, writing letters to the editor, marching, making signs, art and banners, showing up at rallies, making flyers, handing out flyers and so much more. From the grassroots organization members to the lawyers and nuclear organization leaders to the students and teachers, mothers and fathers, elected officials and anyone and everyone who ever carried a sign to close the plant, wrote a letter on the danger of nuclear power or presented factual evidence that nuclear power in NOT carbon-free (it is neither clean nor green: this event is dedicated to you! The market forces and economic realities have helped.

Join this webinar to hear the voices and stories of those who did this work over the span of decades, brave, insightful individuals who contributed to this day! At the same time, we prepare for the work ahead and pray for a just transition for the workers and the community.

Join us, for a time of reflection, remembrance and thanks!

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