Climate Action Campaign

Sign this petition urging our Senators and Congressional representatives to:

  • Urge President Biden to declare a climate emergency, redirecting Pentagon funds and troops to mitigate global warming and make America more resilient.
  • Join the Defense Spending Reduction Caucus.
  • Reduce the carbon polluting activities of the military by decreasing its scope and shrinking the Pentagon budget.
  • Support a Green New Deal agenda as well as the Thrive Act to exponentially increase spending for research and implementation of energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean transportation and other technologies; and ensure a just and equitable transition off fossil fuels and the creation of millions of green, family-sustaining and unionized jobs.

View our new brochure!

You can view our brochure below in full screen, excellent for presentation and you can also download it. Go to the bottom of our viewer and select the last button on the far right to view full screen and the button right next to it on the left to download.

If you are interested in doing work on this campaign please email us at

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