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Peace Fair 2003

First Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair

Brooklyn Peace Fair Becomes Brooklyn Peace Day,
Drawing Hundreds of All Ages

Who says peace is one-dimensional? BFP's first annual Brooklyn Peace Fair, co-sponsored by the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, drew several hundred Brooklyn residents of all ages, races, cultures, and religions, prompting Borough President Marty Markowitz to declare October 18, 2003, the official "Brooklyn Peace Day."

U.S. Representative Major Owens, State Assemblymembers James Brennan and Joan Millman, and City Councilmember Bill DiBlasio not only endorsed the Fair but attended it. Congressman Owens presented a lecture and discussion; Councilmember DiBlasio pledged to work with BFP to educate parents about how high-school students can "opt out" of U.S. military recruitment in the public schools.

Informational programs included:

  • "How to Work for Peace in Congress"
  •  "Palestine Is Still the Issue"
  •  "Liberia West Africa, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"
  • "Iraq, Where are We Now?"

Personal growth sessions included:

  • Tai chi
  • Yoga
  • Karate
  • A meditation session on "being peace."

For teenagers:

  • A game that taught the economics of the Bush administration's budget priorities
  • Role-playing strategies for conflict resolution
  • An open mike "shout out" moderated by professional poets.

Local businesses donated refreshments, and more than 70 community, religious and political organizations, plus the elected officials, endorsed the Peace Fair

At sidewalk tables outside the Ethical Culture where the Fair was held, over 20 groups offered buttons, literature, and conversation to Fair participants and passersby. Networking flourished. Molly Nolan of BFP discovered that the man staffing the table next to hers represented Class Action Youth Leadership Academy, which did similar work to BFP's on military recruiting in the high schools. "Now we're hoping to coordinate our work, " she says.

Bea Rubin, political artist and co-founder of Ethical Culture's Peace Site, which recognizes peace activists annually, was thrilled to recognize many old friends and fellow activists. But she also saw a new generation taking part in a "manifestation of the ideals of the Peace Site."

"Whoever you are, if you are for peace, you are my friend."
— Sign made by a 4-year-old girl

We've already set the date for next year's Fair: October 16, 2004. Save the date!

Peace Fair 2003 Highlights

Peace Fair 2003

Sponsored by:

Brooklyn For Peace
41 Schermerhorn St., PMB 106
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hosted and Co-sponsored by:

Brooklyn Ethical Culture Society
53 Prospect Park W
NY 11215-2693
(718) 768-2972