Brooklynites To Congress: We Don’t Want Another War!

October 28, 2012

Members of Brooklyn For Peace’s Peace And Economic Justice Committee (PEJ) have been busy the past few weekends. Concerned that some in Congress are beating the drums of war once again by pushing for military action against Iran, they have been out on street corners asking residents to send postcards to Congress demanding that their representatives say “NO to another war!”

And they have been met with strong approval and strong opposition to yet another war — this time with Iran. Thousands of flyers have been distributed and some 400 postcards to the Brooklyn Congressional delegation have been collected and sent. The tables have been set up near Grand Army Plaza and Fort Greene Park at the busy Farmers Markets there.

The PEJ Committee plans to continue these activities to put Congress on notice that their constituents want diplomacy, not war, to be used to settle international disputes. The cards demand that “war be taken off the table,” that sanctions, which have done severe harm to Iran’s citizens, be ended and that the efforts should be made to declare the entire region a nuclear-free zone. The flyer points out that other nations, including Israel, already possess nuclear weapons. Yet this is almost never mentioned when Iran is discussed.

Flyers have been distributed by the thousands to residents in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn For Peace believes that the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been disastrous for those countries and disastrous for the American people as well: some four thousand lives have been lost to those wars and trillions of dollars wasted — money that could have been used at home to save jobs and homes and to rebuild our cities and restore vital public services. Those countries have been left in total devastation and tens of thousands of innocent citizens’ lives have been taken. A third war is unacceptable and would most likely engulf the entire region in disastrous conflict.

Over 400 postcards to Brooklyn Congress Members have been sent.
“We don’t want another war!”

Please join the Peace And Economic Justice Committee in putting pressure on Congress to resist the drive of the warmakers. The last thing the world needs now is another decade-long war! Write to to volunteer.

At times the BFP table was swarmed with people wanting to send postcards
to their Congressional Representative.