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Nuclear Zero Task Force

Mission Statement

We believe that "Nuclear Zero" — an end to nuclear proliferation, complete nuclear disarmament by all countries including the United States which now possess nuclear weapons, and the end of nuclear power as an energy source--is among the most critical issues of our time. The United States, as the first nuclear power and the only nation to use nuclear weapons to intentionally kill human beings, bears a special responsibility to act immediately, consistently, and cooperatively within the international community, to foster "Nuclear Zero.

We also oppose nuclear power as an energy source, because it is inherently dangerous to human health and the environment, it is an opening and cover for nuclear weapons proliferation, and also is a very costly diversion from benign, renewable, sustainable energy alternatives.
Support for a national policy of "Nuclear Zero" will require the education and mobilization of Americans of all ages.

We need to hold President Obama accountable for his position as expressed in Prague on April 5, 2009: "One nuclear weapon exploded in one city--be it New York or Moscow, Islamabad or Mumbai, Tokyo or Tel Aviv, Paris or Prague--could kill hundreds of thousands of people. And no matter where it happens, there is no end to what the consequences might be--for our global safety, our security, our society, our economy, to our ultimate survival."

Please contact us at with your comments and suggestions, or if you would like to work with us on this issue.

Email: or call 718-624-5921.