Could NYC evacuate for a nuclear attack?
What about a nuclear accident at Indian Point?

The recent preparations for Superstorm Sandy are only a small part of what would be necessary in the event of a nuclear attack, or a nuclear accident an Indian Point. While this experience is still fresh in our minds, let’s remind Mayor DeBlasio that the only way to keep NYC safe from these disasters is to make it a City of Peace, and to close Indian Point.

Mayor DeBlasio has ignored our request that he join the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons.  Why isn’t this a priority for him? NYC would be a target in the event of a nuclear attack; the resulting destruction would be unthinkable, and is unacceptable.

This is the time to strongly urge that he make NYC a Mayor’s City of Peace.
The rapidly growing number of Mayors for Peace is a powerful force generating real momentum toward peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons.Only by an international effort can we protect ourselves and future generations.

The recent earthquake also serves as a wake-up call of the vulnerability of NYC to an accident at Indian Point. Join BFP and other groups in a renewed effort to demand that Indian Point be closed.

Join our Nuclear Zero Committee! E-mail for the more info and  to be informed of future opportunities for action.