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Latin America

Next meeting of the Latin America Task Force

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Latin America Task Force

Mission Statement

The peoples and nations of Latin America deserve our solidarity after decades, actually centuries, of suffering from US government funded interference in their elections, military aid in the form of training and weaponry to dictatorial regimes, and periodic outright invasions by US armed forces.

The Latin America Task Force of Brooklyn For Peace will advocate for a new US policy towards the region that can repair our relationships. We believe that open and respectful discussion about common concerns such as preserving the environment, conserving and sharing natural resources, and providing healthy and fulfilling lives to all can ensure the security and prosperity of populations throughout the hemisphere.

The Latin America Task Force will monitor US government policy proposals as they relate to the region, educating ourselves and our community about their consequences. Because we reject militarism in any form as a way of resolving disputes, we will act to oppose any proposal for the use of force and violence within a nation or between nations. We will advocate and join with others who work to advance those proposals that further the goals of peace and justice to which Brooklyn For Peace is dedicated.

Email: or call 718-624-5921.