Articles of Interest on Darfur and the Sudan

Refusing to See Darfur’s Agony: Myopic and lazy reporting, political expediency have left millions to suffer and die invisibly by Eric Reeves. Sudan Tribune. May 17, 2014. FULL STORY

Unnoticed Genocide by Eric Reeves.
The Washington Post. February 25, 2004. Page A25 FULL STORY

Compromising with Evil: An Archival History of Greater Sudan, 2007-2012.
(You can download as a free ebook.) Originally released October 22, 2012; last revised January 1, 2013  FULL STORY

Cataloging of the bulk of Radio Dabanga dispatches can be read at Sundan’s Research and Analysis


Rape of women and girls, sexual violence

Abu Tira Rape Seven, Destroy Water Tank in North Darfur’s Zamzam Camp | Radio Dabanga
ZAMZAM CAMP (15 May 2014) – Militiamen and troops of the paramilitary Central Reserve Forces (known as Abu Tira) gang raped seven women of the Zamzam camp for the displaced in El Fasher locality, North… FULL STORY

Rapes in Shangil Tobaya and Tawila, North Darfur
SHANGIL TOBAYA / TAWILA (11 May 2014) – Militiamen raped three women of the Shadad camp for the displaced in Shangil Tobaya, 60km south of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, this morning (Sunday). On Friday… FULL STORY

Woman, Children Tied to Tree at North Darfur Market
BIRKAT SEIRA (11 May 2014) – Militiamen captured a woman and two of her children in Birket Seira town in North Darfur’s Saraf Umra locality on Saturday evening. A witness at the central market of Birkat Seira… FULL STORY

Women Gang-Raped, Man Murdered in Sani Deleiba, South Darfur
BIELEL (5 May 2014) – Uniformed gunmen raped two women of El Salam camp for the displaced in Bielel locality, South Darfur, on Saturday and Sunday. A resident of El Salam camp resident was shot dead on… FULL STORY

Three Young Women Gang-Raped in South Darfur
NYALA LOCALITY (4 May 2014) – Elements of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) gang raped three young women of the Kalma camp on Thursday. Yagoub Mohamed Abdallah, the coordinator of the South Darfur… FULL STORY

South Darfur’s Kalma Camp Registers 19 Rape Cases Within 12 days
KALMA CAMP (1 May 2014) – The Kalma camp for the displaced in Nyala locality, South Darfur, has witnessed 19 rape cases within a period of 12 days. Eight men were assaulted. Saleh Eisa, the secretary…FULL STORY

Woman Raped in North Darfur; Commission to Investigate Murder of Two Women
TAWILA / KHARTOUM (27 Apr 2014) – Militiamen raped a young woman from the Rwanda camp for the displaced in Tawila locality, North Darfur, on Saturday. “Two government-backed militiamen assaulted a young woman (16…FULL STORY

Gunmen Kill Darfur Displaced Women Resisting Rape
NYALA/GARSILA (25 Apr 2014) – The residents of El Salam camp, south of Nyala in South Darfur, gathered for a mass demonstration against the killing of a displaced woman by pro-government militiamen on Friday…FULL STORY

Five Women Raped in South Darfur Wadi
KALMA CAMP (22 Apr 2014) – Five displaced women from Kalma camp in South Darfur were seized and raped by government-backed militiamen in North Darfur on Tuesday. Jaqoub Mohammed Abdula, coordinator of Kalma…FULL STORY

Militiamen Attack, Abduct Woman in Kutum, North Darfur
KUTUM (18 Apr 2014) – Elements of a pro-government militia have abducted a woman in Disa in Kutum locality, North Darfur, on Thursday. The mother of a four months old baby is called Maida Yousif…FULL STORY

Aerial Attacks on Civilians:Sudan Aircraft Bombs Dealth Center in Darfur’s Jebel Marra
ROKORO (16 May.) – The Sudanese Air Force destroyed a health center in Kaguro, northwest of Fanga, in East Jebel Marra on Friday afternoon. A resident told Radio Dabanga that the Antonov aircraft… FULL STORY

Three Children Killed in Missile Attack in Darfur’s Nierteti
NIERTETI (16 May 2014) – Three children were killed south of Golo town in Central Darfur state in a missile attack by government forces on Wednesday. One of the relatives of the dead child herders told… FULL STORY

Sudan Air Force Bombs Market in Darfur’s East Jebel Marra
EAST JEBEL MARRA (15 May 2014) – Aerial bombardments in East Jebel Marra on Wednesday caused the death of two men and a woman, and the injury of others. Livestock died, and a number of houses, and shops caught… FULL STORY

Three Dead, Two Injured as Missiles Hit Tabit, North Darfur
TABIT (28 Apr 2014) -Three sisters were burned to death, and two others sustained injuries when the Sudan Armed Forces…FULL STORY

Air Raids Destroy Only Water Source of Orschi, North Darfur
ORSCHI (27 Apr 2014) – Aerial bombardments on the area of Khazan Orschi, Um Baru locality in North Darfur on Saturday, destroyed the Orschi water reservoir, the only source of water in the region, and a…FULL STORY

Air Raids on Darfur’s Jebel Marra Kill Woman, Injure Son
JEBEL MARRA (29 Apr 2014) – A woman was killed and her son (8) seriously injured when the Sudanese Air Force bombarded the area west of Jebel Marra on Tuesday morning. “An Antonov fighter jet dropped three…FULL STORY

One of Three Darfur Child Bomb Victims Dies, Two Cling to Life
ANKA (20 Apr 2014) – The nine-year-old Khaled Isa Mohamed has died of severe head wounds he received last Sunday when a bomb he and two friends found at a roadside in North Darfur detonated. As… FULL STORY

Humanitarian indicators, conditions in displaced persons camps and urban areas (including security conditions):

Two Children Starve to Death in North Darfur’s Shangil Tobaya
SHANGIL TOBAYA (8 May 2014) – Haroun Yahya Abakar (4) and Dar Elnaeem Omar Saleh (3) died of starvation in the area of Shangil Tobaya on Wednesday. Their families belong to the more than 3,000 newly displaced… FULL STORY

Food Rations Stopped in South Darfur Camps Without Knowledge WFP
KUBUM (7 May 2014) – The displaced in the Kubum and Shattai camps in South Darfur have not received food rations since nine months, without the knowledge of the UN World Food Programme (WFP). A… FULL STORY

Acute Drinking Water Crisis in West Darfur’s Murnei Camp
MURNEI (15 May 2014) – The 76 water pumps at the Murnei camp for the displaced in Kereinik locality, West Darfur, have been idle for three months. “The Murnei camp population, consisting of 127,000… FULL STORY

Abu Tira Rape Seven, Destroy Water Tank in North Darfur’s Zamzam Camp
ZAMZAM CAMP (15 May 2014) – Militiamen and troops of the paramilitary Central Reserve Forces (known as Abu Tira) gang raped seven women of the Zamzam camp for the displaced in El Fasher locality, North… FULL STORY

Two Children Killed, Three Maimed by Ammunition in South Darfur
NYALA (13 May 2014) – Two children were killed and three others seriously injured in South Darfur’s capital of Nyala on Monday, when the ammunition they had found detonated. “Three children of Dagash… FULL STORY

Janjaweed Beat, Rob, Abduct Displaced in South Darfur
KALMA CAMP (13 May 2014) – Militiamen assaulted residents of the Kalma camp for the displaced in South Darfur on Monday. They stole their horses and donkeys, beat a man, and abducted another. On Sunday… FULL STORY

“Militiamen Around Otash Camp [should] be Expelled”: South Darfur Displaced
OTASH CAMP (15 May 2014) – The residents of the Otash camp for the displaced in Nyala locality, South Darfur, are complaining about the ongoing insecurity in the area. “Government-backed Janjaweed continue… FULL STORY

151 Displaced Families Reach Kassab Camp, North Darfur
KASSAB CAMP (11 May 2014) – 151 newly displaced families have arrived at Kassab camp in North Darfur’s Kutum locality. Speaking to Radio Dabanga, Sheikh Taher Ismail, the head of Kassab camp in Kutum… FULL STORY

“Attacks in North Darfur’s El Fasher Displaced 27,751”: MP
KHARTOUM (11 May 2014) – The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces’ (RSF) widespread attacks on rural areas in El Fasher locality, North Darfur, last month, caused the displacement of 27,751 people… FULL STORY

Gunmen Fire Over South Darfur Camp, UNAMID Policemen Flee
KALMA CAMP (8 May 2014) – On Wednesday, militiamen stormed Kalma camp for the displaced in Nyala locality, South Darfur. They said they were searching for their stolen sheep. Speaking to Radio Dabanga,… FULL STORY

Large Numbers of Militiamen Enter Kabkabiya, North Darfur; Policeman Shot
KABKABIYA (7 May 2014) – Large numbers of militia troops are entering Kabkabiya town in North Darfur since Friday. On Monday evening, a policeman was killed by bullets. “Large numbers… FULL STORY

Acute Food shortage, People Raid Ant Hills in East Darfur
SHEIRIA LOCALITY (7 May 2014) – An acute shortage of staple food in Sheiria locality, East Darfur, is forcing people to dig into ant hills in search of stored sorghum grains. The director of the Department of… FULL STORY