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Stop Military Recruiting in Our Schools

Learn more about your right to say no to releasing information about your child to the military.

Next meeting of the Anti-militarism Committee

Anti-militarism meeting schedule
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718–624–5921 if you are interested in attending.

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Anti-militarism Committee (counter-recruitment)

Mission Statement

The Anti-Militarism Committee has the broad goal of reducing the strength of militarism in the U.S. We focus our efforts on countering military recruitment, particularly in the New York City Public Schools.

While committee members have a variety of views concerning pacifism and the need for a military, we are united in our strong beliefs that the war in Iraq, and the potential attacks on Iran, Venezuela, North Korea or other countries are wrong and that no one should be enlisting in the military at this time to enable such wars.

We can make an important contribution to the peace movement by strengthening counter-recruitment efforts, both through direct action and political organizing.

You can become a part of the movement against militarism:

  • Join our working committee. Email us at or 718–624–5921 for time and location, or for schedule.
  • Leaflet outside NYC public high schools. We pass out information to students on opting out of military recruiting as well as alternatives to the military. We leaflet a different school each month. Email us for information.

We are actively working in these areas:

Email or call 718-624-5921.