Arts and Activism

Because of the accessibility of art, it has been used throughout history to give voice to social change, communicate the deepest needs of society while clarifying its moment in time. Art energizes and elevates people, it connects and unifies diverse and varied cultures, making the unknowable known through its authenticity.

The Art & Culture Collective is working closely with Brooklyn For Peace to use art to highlight and define the mission and areas of focus. Through working with artists around the world, but primarily in Brooklyn, we hope to bring awareness to domestic issues and show through the artist’s vision and works, how these issues are interconnected to the world as a whole.

Our projects and activities will specifically center around BFP’s Focus highlighted on our home page.

  • Climate Action – Global War, Warming, Inequality – three interconnected crises that threaten our planet.
  • Peace Activism – mainly the prevention of war.
  • Social and Economic Justice – transfer of resources from military to human needs and spotlighting to eradicate ongoing crisis of systematic racism

If you are interested in working in this focus area of organizations, please email us at

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