Egypt makes clear the US needs a new Middle East policy!

Speak Up Now!

The inspiring rising of vast segments of the Egyptian population has achieved the signal success of ousting Mubarak and family.

It has made plain that US policy of privileging “stability” over democracy, human rights and meeting basic needs has failed. It is only making the US less safe.

For more than three decades, the US has provided the principal external political and material support (using our tax dollars) to the repressive Sadat and Mubarak regimes. Egypt is second only to Israel in the amount of US military aid it receives. American corporations profited from sales to Mubarak and the military. As just one example, the software the Mubarak regime used to cut off the internet was sold to Egyptians by Boeing Corp. The danger now is that powerful forces in both Egypt and the US will seek to continue the structures of the Mubarak dictatorship, only without the person of Mubarak.

It is time for a new, better US policy.

Brooklyn For Peace urges you to contact Senators Gillibrand (who sits on the Senate Armed Services Panel) and Schumer, and your Congressional representative. Urge them to speak out at this important juncture and to call for:

  1. Significant cuts in U.S. military aid and support for the Egyptian military.
  2. Consistent and strong support for democracy and the demilitarization of political life in Egypt and in the region.
  3. The seizure/freezing of the bank accounts of Hosni Mubarak, his son and other leaders of the security services, military and repressive apparatus. (This was done last year against Iranian officials in response to the repression of protests against th rigging of the elections in that country.)
  4. The denial/cancellation of any export license to any US corporation trading services, or computer software or hardware that can be used for repression of dissent.

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March, 2011