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Calendar of Events

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Uniting to build peace for future generations

Current Activities

Give Peace a Chance!
Brooklynites Speak Out:
For Diplomacy, Not War with Iran!
Money for Schools, Not for War!

See coverage in Brooklyn Downtown Star, April 17, 2014.
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New Yorkers gathered together on Saturday, April 12 for a Peace Rally and Walk that was held by Brooklyn For Peace and 23 other co-sponsoring organizations in front of the borough’s Central Library at Grand Army Plaza. “Give Peace a Chance!” was the rallying cry. Ralliers carried signs calling for “Diplomacy Not War With Iran!” “Use our taxes for schools, NOT for war!”: Trillions $$$ for wars….leaves pennies for schools, jobs, and health care!” The event was part of the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending
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2 Brooklyn Reps Support Diplomacy with Iran;
Others Stay Mute: Call YOUR Rep!

Sanctions bill S 1881 has been stopped in the Senate as a result of grassroots pressure.
(See below for info on this bill, and on the negotiations for a nuclear deal with Iran.)

However, AIPAC will certainly continue its effort to sabotage diplomacy with Iran by turning its attention to the House.
In an effort to avert this, a letter was circulated among House members expressing support for diplomacy and opposing new legislation that would impede it.

This letter was made public on Wed Feb 12 with 104 signers.

From Brooklyn, Reps Clarke and Velazquez are signatories.
Jeffries, Maloney, Nadler, and Grimm did not sign.
Our elected officials need to know we’re watching,
and that we demand their support for peaceful solutions.

Please take a few minutes to call your Representative.
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Mid East Forum Big Success!

Apr 1, 2014

There was a full house at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church last night as Fort Greene Peace and Brooklyn For Peace held a forum with a panel discussion and question and answer period for folks attending. The forum was entitled: “What’s At Stake In The Mid East.”

Panelists included Zachary Lockman, NYU Professor who teaches & writes on Middle Eastern history, politics and the role of the US in the region, Maya Mikdashi and David Wildman of the United Methodist Church’s Human Rights & Racial Justice Committee and frequent traveler to the Middle East & Afghanistan. Read the rest of this page »

Rallying To Support A Hunger Strike
“Keep SUNY Downstate Open!”

March 9, 2013

Hundreds rallied at the entrance to the SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Governor Cuomo is continuing with his threat to privatize or close this important health care facility and teaching hospital that serves a broad section of Brooklyn.

Bringing the fight to stop layoffs and cutbacks at Downstate to a higher level, clergy and community leaders launched a 48-hour fast and hunger strike in defense of the embattled hospital and its employees who are being threatened with termination. Many hundreds have already been fired and critical care is laboring under greatly-reduced staffing and funding.

Rally At SUNY Downstate

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Be a Part of Brooklyn For Peace

Brooklyn For Peace is entering our 30th year of working for peace and social justice in Brooklyn and beyond! We are writing now because we need your membership and financial support to maintain our current level of activity and to grow.

Brooklyn For Peace combines education and activism; both are essential. We work on a range of issues, as determined primarily by the concernsof our active members. Our goal is to build an effective peace and justice movement. The issues we tackle range from global to local. We connect the dots between issues such as a militarized foreign and domestic policy, climate change, and the economic crisis here at home.We continue to we seek creative ways to address the urgent tasks of developing a culture of peace in our communities.

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Fort Greene Forum Says
“End Stop And Frisk!”

Nov 17, 2013,

Some 100 residents crammed into the main room at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church on Tuesday November 12 to hear a forum of speakers discuss the widely-detested NYPD tactic of stop and frisk. Pushed by the outgoing mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and his police commissioner, Ray Kelly, stop and frisk makes victims of innocent youth. It overwhelmingly and unfairly targets young African-American and Latino youth, basing its assumption on nothing more than racial and ethnic characteristics. The tactic had become a focal point of the recent Mayoral election in our city and Bill de Blasio, the victorious candidate in that campaign, opposed its continuation and strongly criticized the Mayor and the Commissioner for their unyielding support.

Public Advocate James addresses the audience.
Newly-elected NYC Public Advocate, Letitia James,
speaks as part of the panel on Stop And Frisk.

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The peace movement is growing throughout Brooklyn. These are some of the new groups that have developed.

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