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Oct 13th 11 am – Oct 14th 2 pm
Indigenous People’s Day, NYC

The Indigenous Peoples Celebration of New York City invites you to it’s fifth annual FREE gathering on Randall’s Island, which will take place over two days on October 13th and 14th and will feature many indigenous performers and speakers! Sponsor: Redhawk Native American Arts Council, Seeding Sovereignty, and the United Confederation of Taino People.
Location: Randalls Island NYC

Sat Oct 19, 10:30 am – 8:30 pm
Holding the Future Hostage: A Conference on Hybrid Wars

Modern warfare increasingly involves unconventional means such as extreme financial regulations, media censorship, provocations by non-state actors, and sanctions. This combination of tactics, what some analysts have called a “hybrid war,” has increasingly targeted governments deemed threats to U.S. hegemony and finance capital. This conference at The People’s Forum explores the waging of hybrid wars in dialogue with the historians, journalists, cultural producers, and antiwar activists who are actively documenting and confronting them. See more on Facebook.

Did you miss it? See highlights from our recent forums on cable TV Brooklyn Public Access (BRIC):

BFP’s “War No More” program on 2nd Tues each month, and Thursday the same week, 8 am & 10 pm. Next program is Tues Oct 8 (8 am & 10 pm) & Thurs Oct 10 (8 am & 10 pm) Topic: Q & A with Ray Acheson, director of “Reaching Critical Will”: Highlights Part One. Also watch at your convenience on BFP’s YouTube channel.