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Brooklyn For Peace UNICEF Committee 2016 Projects

The UNICEF Committee of Brooklyn For Peace is working on 3 project for 2016:

1) Set up UNICEF Programs in schools. We reach out to Brooklyn Schools to encourage them to sponsor a Trick or Treat for UNICEF drives every Halloween. Then in many cases, we lend the schools a helping hand to run their campaigns.

2) Distribute Boxes. We hand out to neighborhood children and families 2,000 Trick or Treat for UNICEF collection boxes before Halloween. These events need volunteers. Please read the
information below to see the places, dates and time. Contact me at if you can participate this year.

3) Collect money and distribute boxes at Park Slope HALLOWEEN PARADE. We set up stations along 7 th and 5 th Aves. stretching from Carroll St. to 12 th St. on Halloween starting at 4 PM. Last year we had five stations. It would be terrific to have even more this Halloween. These stations: collect donations from the public; hand out UNICEF collection boxes to trick or treaters who do not have them and hand out flyers to educate the public about the work that UNICEF does. Staffing these booths takes many volunteers. Being on 7 th and 5 th Aves. during Halloween is a lot of fun. The generous merchants on both Avenues and our fun-loving neighbors make Park Slope a marvelous, welcoming destination for trick or treaters city-wide. The trick or treaters’ costumes are creative and wonderful. Many of them will make you grin. The kids are happy and you will be too. Our Halloween plans are still a work in progress. These plans cannot take their final shape until we know how many volunteers we will have working. We need a lot help for the 4 pm to 6 pm shift and a few for 6 pm to 8 pm. Please contact me at  if you would like to join us. This year Halloween (October 31) falls on a Monday.

Please email

2015 UNICEF Campaign Report

Thank you  to everybody who helped make the Brooklyn for Peace’s Trick or Treat for UNICEF 2015 drive so successful.  It was our best campaign ever.  We raised $13,806! This year we sponsored drives in eight schools; more than 3,000 students participated.  We handed out 2,000 UNICEF collection boxes to children and families before Halloween. And at our collection stations along 7th & 5th Aves. we raised donations totaling $675 and handed out another 700 UNICEF collecting boxes to trick or treaters.

What we do during Halloween is very special.  UNICEF will do important and great things with the $13,806 we gave to them. Most of this money was collected by kids. We taught thousands of children in our neighborhood how to be responsible global citizens. The kids who we enabled to trick or treat for UNICEF this year helped children in dire need. Now these neighborhood kids have sugar plums dancing in their heads because they know that their work made our world a better place.

It’s not to early to start planning for the 2016 campaign! To participate,  contact me at

Monroe Allison
UNICEF Coordinator, Brooklyn for Peace
January 7, 2016


Please help the Brooklyn For Peace Unicef Committee

The best time to contact a school in order to ask them to run a Trick or Treat for Unicef drive for the upcoming Halloween is during May. Please help us reach out to people!

Unicef is in desperate for more money. With the wars raging in Syria, Iraq and Yemen there is now more refugees (over 5 million) in the Mideast than there were in Europe at the end of World War II. And Unicef has already spent more than $250 million in its efforts to control the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, which is still ravaging rural areas of Sierra Leone and Liberia. And Unicef is rushing aid into Nepal right now.

If you know of a school that we should speak to about starting a Trick or Treat for Unicef campaign please send an email to and mention who we should contact.

Part of what we do when we have a school program is for my wife, Diane Allison, do a presentation at the school just before Halloween. Here is a link to Diane doing a performance at P.S. 9 in Prospect Heights.

Mission Statement

Children have rights. They need a voice. This committee is designed to build awareness of children’s rights while raising money for children’s development, heath, protection and education. We reach out to schools, merchants and neighbors, encouraging their participation in the annual Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Halloween, October 31, 2012
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Join Us!

We invite you to join the UNICEF committee and get involved.

UNICEF meeting schedule and
Email us or call 718–624–5921 if you are interested in attending.