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Peace and Economic
Justice Committee

Brooklyn Reps vote YES on “Back to Work” Budget
Grimm abstains

March 20, 2013

Roll call number 85 in the House: on the “Back to Work” Budget.
Question: On Agreeing to the Amendment: Amendment 3 to H CON RES 25
Ayes: 84 (Democrat: 84; Republican: 0)
Nays: 327 (Democrat: 102; Republican: 225)
Abstained: 19 (Democrat: 13; Republican: 6)

Brooklyn Reps Clarke, Jeffries, Maloney, Nadler, and Velazquez voted in favor of the “Back to Work” Budget. Michael Grimm abstained. Thanks to everybody who called their Rep about this! Continue reading

Brooklyn Rallies To Save Interfaith Hospital

Mar 2, 2013

It was a cold, clear early March morning. But that didn’t stop Brooklyn residents from gathering in front of Interfaith Medical Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to demand that the hospital be kept as a full service health care facility that surrounding neighborhoods depend upon. Some 500 letters to the state health commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah, had been collected and were to be mailed to him today at the culmination of the event: a press conference and protest demonstration, followed by a spirited march up busy Fulton Street to the post office at Restoration Plaza. Read more >>>

Read the rest of this story >>>

Two Things You Can Do
To Push Back Against Austerity
In Brooklyn

Feb 28, 2013

Here are TWO THINGS you can do right now to push back against the drive to austerity that right-wing, corporate forces are pushing locally and in Washington.

As you probably know, plans to close hospitals in Brooklyn are proceeding at full boil. Brooklyn For Peace, led by its Peace And Economic Justice Committee, has been joining coalitions that have been fighting the cutbacks, layoffs and closings at SUNY Downstate and LICH.

Now recent newspaper articles have referred to the imminent merger of Interfaith Medical Center, a hospital serving Bedford-Stuyvesant, with privately-run Brooklyn Hospital. The merger means that Interfaith would be very possibly be converted to a special-purpose facility, thus leaving Brooklyn with one less full-service hospital. Despite its perennially-poor financial status, Interfaith still provides health care as a last resort to large amounts of poor Brooklyn residents.

Demonstration at Downstate Medical Center against proposed layoffs and closing. June 28 2012.

This Saturday, March 2nd at 10 am, NY Communities for Change, along with others, will stage a press conference in front of Interfaith Medical Center (1545 Atlantic Avenue between Albany and Troy Avenues – A or C Subway to Throop Avenue station) [MAP] The press conference will announce the collection of letters to NYS Health Commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah, inquiring about the current status of Interfaith, information that is, apparently, being kept under wraps.

After the press conference, participants will march to Restoration Plaza on Fulton Street and deliver the letters to the post office there, mailing them to Dr. Shah.

Here are the two things we ask of you to help stop the merger and possible conversion of Interfaith Medical Center that would reduce health care access to the people of Brooklyn:

  • Sign on to the letter to the Health Commissioner. You can read and sign the letter here.
  • Join us at Interfaith this Saturday, March 2nd at 10 am. Show your solidarity with the people of Bedford Stuvesant and beyond who are served at this important public hospital.

Brooklyn For Peace believes that the drive to impose austerity on the American people is intricately linked to the fight for peace. It is the diversion of our tax dollars to fund the bloated military budget and the endless wars abroad that is strangling vital programs and urgently needed services for people’s needs. Combine those misguided priorities with unfair tax policies that allow the super-rich and large corporations to pay little or no taxes and you have a prescription for the austerity that confronts our people.

Please sign the letter here.
We hope to see you Saturday at Interfaith!

— The Peace And Economic Justice Committee (PEJ)
of Brooklyn For Peace

Brooklyn Marches On Albany
To Demand An End
To Layoffs At SUNY Downstate.

January 8, 2013

A coalition is growing in Brooklyn. Fueled by local clergy, union workers, community activists, patients and residents, the coalition organized a day of protest and lobbying in Albany. The message? Stop the layoffs, cutbacks and threats of closures at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

Already some 400 workers have been given the pink slip at that important Brooklyn health care facility. And 1000 more jobs are to be lost in the months ahead if Albany doesn’t prevent it. Some 13,000 signatures on petitions to Governor Cuomo have been collected urging him to stop his “restructuring” plan which would accelerate the firings and cutbacks.

Brooklyn Tells Albany: End the cuts and layoffs at SUNY DOWNSTATE!
Bus riders from Brooklyn split into various lobbying
groups and visited state legislators.
See more photos and video HERE.

Brooklyn For Peace is part of that coalition and has been helping to collect signatures and promote news of the Governor’s plans to its members and constituents. Five members were part of yesterday’s rally in Albany. The organization’s Peace And Economic Justice Committee  sees the root cause of the attacks on health care lies not only in Albany but also in the skewed spending priorities in Washington which favors military contractors and endless wars over the urgent and vital needs of the American people. The annual federal discretionary budget allocates nearly 60 cents of every federal budget dollar for war and bloated Pentagon budgets but only five cents for health care. In a flyer distributed on buses this morning, Brooklyn For Peace said we should “close down the wars … not Brooklyn Hospitals.”



The fight continues to build pressure on the state legislature to guarantee adequate funding of SUNY Downstate so that the layoffs can be stopped and reversed and public health care for Brooklyn residents can be guaranteed.

To see video and pictures from today’s rally, just go HERE.

Brooklynites To Congress: We Don’t Want Another War!

October 28, 2012

Members of Brooklyn For Peace’s Peace And Economic Justice Committee (PEJ) have been busy the past few weekends. Concerned that some in Congress are beating the drums of war once again by pushing for military action against Iran, they have been out on street corners asking residents to send postcards to Congress demanding that their representatives say “NO to another war!”

And they have been met with strong approval and strong opposition to yet another war — this time with Iran. Thousands of flyers have been distributed and some 400 postcards to the Brooklyn Congressional delegation have been collected and sent. The tables have been set up near Grand Army Plaza and Fort Greene Park at the busy Farmers Markets there.

The PEJ Committee plans to continue these activities to put Congress on notice that their constituents want diplomacy, not war, to be used to settle international disputes. The cards demand that “war be taken off the table,” that sanctions, which have done severe harm to Iran’s citizens, be ended and that the efforts should be made to declare the entire region a nuclear-free zone. The flyer points out that other nations, including Israel, already possess nuclear weapons. Yet this is almost never mentioned when Iran is discussed.

Flyers have been distributed by the thousands to residents in Brooklyn.

Continue reading

House votes $606 Billion for Military Spending:
Pentagon Spending Threatens Our National Security!
Brooklyn Reps Vote NO!
Senate votes next: Call our Senators!

The House of Representatives has once again sacrificed domestic security in the service of unnecessary wars and the profits of defense contractors.

The House spentjust 1 hour debating another year of disastrous war in Afghanistan!

Read this article by Carolyn Eisenberg to learn more.

The FY 2013 Defense Appropriations bill (HR 5856), which includes $519 billion for the Pentagon’s base budget and $88.5 billion for the war in Afghanistan, passed in the House of Representatives on July 19 with 90 opposing votes. (326 in favor, 90 opposed, 15 not voting.)

Four Brooklyn Congressional Representatives (Clarke, Nadler, Towns, and Velazquez) were among those voting NO. The same 4 also voted in favor of the amendment introduced by Barbara Lee, which would have required the safe and responsible withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan. If Clarke, Nadler, Towns, or Velazquez represents you, please call to thank them for their vote. Your call is imporant: we can’t take our elected officials for granted!
Continue reading

Downstate Workers Say NO To Layoffs

Aug 7, 2012

Hundreds of Downstate University Hospital workers and their supporters from communities around Brooklyn filled the streets in front of the hospital today. They were rallying to give a big and loud “no” to Governor Cuomo’s plan for layoffs there. The Governor has been crying poverty for state finances while, at the same time, steadfastly refusing to tax the wealthiest New Yorkers. People opposing the layoffs and cutbacks point out that a fair taxation program would go a long way to alleviate the budget crisis and would be much more equitable solution. Continue reading

8th Annual 2012 Peace Fair

A brief summary of the Peace and Economic Justice Committee Workshop for the day.

Combating the Crisis in our Communities- a People’s Speakout

This workshop is not intended to be a formal panel, but an open-ended facilitated conversation in which people, who are involved with cuts in public services share their experience,including the kinds of fight-back efforts in which they are engaged. Our most important goal is to try to figure out how people involved in the peace movement and people involved in social justice struggles can help each other to be more effective? It is widely recognized that our concerns are all somehow linked. But what steps can we realistically take to build cooperation across a range of issues? Can we organize a “move the money” effort here in Brooklyn that would be useful?

Find out more about the 8th Annual 2012 Peace Fair

Drones Are Coming To Brooklyn

Apr 4, 2012

Of course by now you know what war drones are, right? In case you don’t , they are a whole new area of hi-tech weaponry that is being promoted by the Pentagon and the industry that manufactures them (aka the Military Industrial Complex) — War Drones are pilotless aircraft, controlled via satellite from thousands of miles away. They are equipped with so-called smart bombs, hi-definition video and radar. They can stay aloft for hours and days (the industry is now working on nuclear powered drones that will be able to stay aloft for months!!), spying on vast areas, tracking suspects and targeting people on the ground who can be killed by missile and bombs. In fact, war drones are bringing us to the next state of military combat: war by remote control!

The Pentagon, as always, claims that these are the new weapons of choice in that no American lives (pilots) are endangered. They also claim that they are infallible and smart; i.e. super-accurate in their ability to track down those who they consider to be enemies or terrorists and then kill them. The problem with that is that it’s just not true. Many hundreds of innocent civilians have already been killed. Some experts argue that in Pakistan alone, the so-called kill ratio of civilian to terrorist has been a hundred to one! Innocents are killed because the drones are not infallible. They can have technical malfunctions. They can be fed the wrong information (intelligence from the ground must be fed to the control centers). Their bombs are said to obliterate all living things within a 200-foot ratio of the actual target so if dropped on a house in a village one can expect large amounts of “collateral damage” (Pentagon-speak for deaths of innocent bystanders).

War drones are also an extremely costly addition to the already immense Pentagon budget. They will take tens of billions of dollars in the years ahead as the industry rushes into this lucrative new area of war profits.

Another ominous aspect of the use of drones is recently-passed legislation, legalizing their use over U.S. airspace. The NYPD and tens of thousands of other American law enforcement agencies are clamoring for these devices that can be used to spy on American communities and citizens as we go about our daily activities. The drone industry is lobbying hard to sell these spies-in-the-skies to all kinds of buyers from government agencies to private individuals and companies. Shades of 1984!

Congress should put a break on this immediately! With an economy in turmoil and debt due to two endless wars and annual military budgets that strangle domestic needs, war drones are a dangerous and expensive new technology that will make matters worse. They are so detested by people on whom they are being used that it can be said they are making us more of a target of terrorism not less as the Pentagon and industry claim. They are, perhaps, one of the best recruitment tools the terrorists have and therefore make us qualitatively less safe for every innocent civilian they kill.

But Congress has a Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus (War Drones Caucus) which is actively promoting the use of these new weapons at home and abroad. Without any shame whatsoever, its Chairman boasts that the caucus is the “voice of the industry” in Congress. Talk about a conflict of interests! One of our own Brooklyn Representaitves, Edolphus Towns, is a member of this caucus. He should be challenged on this and asked to resign his membership as it does not serve the interests of the people who voted for him and who he is sworn to represent. We are asking Mr. Towns – Billions for war drones? No! We need that money to be spent on jobs, schools, decent and affordable housing and health care. Shame on you!

A Know Drones Tour of Brooklyn communities will be held next week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – April 12th, 13th, and 14th. Brooklyn For Peace’s Peace And Economic Justice Committee, in cooperation with KnowDrones, will set up informational tables on busy Brooklyn corners. Scale models of war drones will be erected and flyers will be distributed that will inform residents of these deadly new weapons and just how their taxes dollars are being mis-used. We will also let people know that Congressman Towns is a member of the the Congressional War-Drones Caucus and that we are asking him to resign it.

You can join these “sidewalk seminars” and help us reach our neighbors. Information on the locations and times are on this informational flyer.

The Know Drones Tour will culminate in a meeting at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church on Saturday, April 14th at 3:30 pm. Speakers will address the event, including BFP’s Co-Chair, David Tykulsker and Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, who has just written a book on war-drones. Be sure not to miss this exciting event.


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Please take part in a very short survey — only 8 questions. We’re trying to find out how many of our friends and members are directly involved in employment or services that are facing budget cuts and layoffs so that we can plan more effective responses to the cutbacks and economic warfare being inflicted on our communities and families.

Are you employed in a job or are are you a receiver of services that puts you directly in the line of fire when it comes to cuts in social services and layoffs to our public employees?

  • Are you a teacher, librarian, social worker, volunteer, day care or senior care provider, home health aide … and so on?
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This survey is being conducted by the Peace And Economic Justice (PEJ) Committee of Brooklyn For Peace (BFP). The PEJ committee focuses on the bloated military spending policies of Congress and the administration. These mis-guided priorities have resulted in large layoffs to public employees and huge cutbacks to vital services.

Thank you, in advance, for helping to make Brooklyn For Peace a more effective fighter for peace and justice.


Charlotte Phillips, M.D.
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