BFP Has Been Waging Peace
By Urging Diplomacy With Iran.

Jul 5, 2015

Over the last few months Brooklyn For Peace volunteers, led by the group’s Peace And Economic Justice Committee (PEJ) have been out in the streets urging success for the diplomatic agreement that the Obama administration, along with its five partners, have been negotiating with Iran over that country’s  nuclear programs. The peace movement has for years been advocating the use of discussion to settle disputes rather than resorting to military force and war which had been the policy of  Bush and Cheney and their Neo-Con allies.

Sending postcards for peace with Iran.
A BFP table at the Fifth Avenue Fair in Park Slope this May. Over 1,500 postcards were collected at this table and others over the last few months.

A table this weekend at Fort Greene Park where another 200 postcards were signed by residents demanding that their Congress members and Senators support diplomacy vs. war with Iran.

In one on BFP’s most successful peace campaigns the volunteers have distributed thousands of flyers, talked to people at street corner tables, collected over 1,500 postcards to Brooklyn’s Congress members and Senators, and sent a delegation to Senator Charles Schumer’s office to demand that he support the negotiations and cease his efforts,  in league with GOP hawks, to scuttle the agreement. Senator Schumer is one of the Senate’s leading receiver of funds from the pro-Israel lobbying group, AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), a group that vehemently opposes rapproachment with Iran. By undermining his own President’s foreign policy, Schumer has been playing a disgraceful role, one, if successful, will make a third Mid-East war likely.

BFP Chair Charlotte Phillips, MD, speaking to Senator Schumer about his Iran policy.


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The Brooklyn For Peace delegation to Senator Schumer’s office on May 12, 2015.

The agreement, if negotiations with Iran are successful, will be concluded by July 9th. As that date approaches, the anti-diplomacy forces have unleashed a heavily-financed campaign on TV and in the print media to cast aspersions on it, claiming that the President and Secretary of State Kerry are giving Iran too many concessions and that Iran can never be trusted. But most experts on these talks disagree and say that the only alternative to that agreement would be the use of U.S. military force.

Over ten thousand copies of this flyer have been distributed to Brooklyn neighbors during the BFP Iran Diplomacy campaign.
One of several new Iran Diplomacy buttons that BFP has created.

It’s make or break time for peace versus war as the clock ticks down these last few days. In the face of the furious attempt to overturn the agreement, it’s important for peace forces to turn up the heat. Calls and letter should be made to Congress member and Senators urging support for diplomacy and peace. From our experience in Brooklyn, the sentiment to let the diplomacy succeed is very high. Make those calls now: (877) 762-8762.