Iran: War or Peace?

The United States and five other countries are about to conclude an agreement with Iran that will settle differences over that nation’s nuclear programs. The agreement will go a long way toward normalizing relations with Iran and establish a regimen on inspection that will guarantee Iran cannot build nuclear weapons.

If successful, the agreement will help calm the Middle East, a region that is boiling with crisis. The Republicans want to kill the agreement with Iran but they can’t do it without help from Democrats.

Senator Charles Schumer is teaming up with pro-war Republicans to undermine the President and destroy any possibility of reaching a settlment with Iran. If successful, Iran will be free to pursue nuclear weapons, our country’s position with its partners will be weakened and a yet another war will be brought much closer.

In the Senate, the GOP is trying, with major help from Charles Schumer, to assemble a vetoproof vote that can scuttle President Obama’s diplomacy.

In the House, a group of Democrats are supporting diplomacy by signing on to Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s Congressional letter… but some of our Bklyn Reps have not signed on..

Call (877) 762-8762 to speak directly with your Senator and Representative’s office on this issue.

Call both Senators – tell them to support the President and diplomacy, NOT war!

Senator Schumer has signed on to a GOP bill that tries to scuttle the agreement. Tell him NO! Ask him to give diplomacy and peace in the Mid-East a chance.

Senator Gillibrand has NOT signed – thank her and tell her to stand for peace and diplomacy.

Thank Congressman Hakeem Jeffries for supporting diplomacy with Iran.

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