Make A Phone Call
And Help Avoid Another War!

Jan 16, 2015


In honor of Dr. King’s birthday …
Can you take one little step that can have giant repercussions? 

In 1967, virtually alone, but with tremendous courage, Dr. Martin Luther King came out against the war in Vietnam.
Back then he said —

The bombs in Vietnam explode at home;
they destroy the hopes and possibilities for a decent America.”

Dr. King, had he been alive today, would have been in the forefront of those opposing the last 13 years of  disastrous war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like the war in Vietnam, these wars have not only resulted in death and destruction but have stolen the money – trillions of dollars – that could have been used at home for urgent needs: health care, jobs, decent public schools, affordable housing, repair to our crumbling infrastructure.

Right Now in the Senate, plans are being made for the next Mid-East war … this time against Iran.
President Obama has been trying to settle disputes with Iran and its nuclear programs using diplomacy instead of war. But war hawks are trying their best to scuttle those talks by introducing poison-pill legislation demanding tough, new sanctions right now! If the negotiations are ended, which they surely will be if additional sanctions are enacted, the only alternative will be military force taking us much, much closer to another war in the region.

The President has said he will veto such legislation. The hawks are trying to assemble a veto-proof majority. They failed to do that last year but this is a new Congress with more pro-war members. A prime target of the Kirk/Menendez sanctions bill is NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who is widely respected by her colleagues. If they convince her to sign on it will greatly enhance their goal of a veto-proof majority. Last year, Gillibrand refused to support their efforts. This year it’s unknown what she’ll do. And that’s where your effort comes in.

Please call, and have your friends and family call,
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Do it right away as the legislation is about to be introduced.

Call Senator Gillibrand and tell her —

  • Don’t sign on to the Kirk / Menendez poison-pill bill that would destroy the talks with Iran.
  • Support the President’s attempt to settle the dispute with Iran using diplomacy not war.
  • We don’t want and certainly don’t need another war in the Mid-East.
  • Let the negotiations proceedGive peace a chance!

Call Senator Gillibrand NOW and be patient –
the lines are often busy – (202) 224-4451 
 (212) 688-6262

Please write and tell us you called and what results you got: