2015 Year in Review

During the past year, your contributions enabled us to:  (a partial list)

  • Provide an organizing framework which mobilized support for the nuclear agreement with Iran by collecting signatures on postcards, disseminating educational materials, holding meetings with our elected officials, and participating in vigils and demonstrations
  • Participate in the spring “Peace and Planet” mobilization, emphasizing the connection of environmental and climate justice with the movement for a world free of both nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. We held two community forums on eliminating nuclear weapons and nuclear power
  • Participate in activities to raise awareness of Israeli apartheid policies, demanding equal rights and respect for international law. We have continued the sale of Palestinian olive oil, which supports the Palestinian economy
  • Build Brooklyn’s participation in the 5K Run, benefitting UNRWA’s Community Mental Health Program for Palestinian children in Gaza suffering psychological trauma and PTSD due to the relentless Israeli bombing campaign during the summer of 2014, as well as the prolonged blockade
  • Educate our neighbors on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which, if passed, will increase the social and economic injustices which lead to war. We organized opposition to the “Fast Track”, and participated in a Town Hall on the TPP

  • Maintain our active website which provides many resources including materials on military recruiting in high schools and ways to opt out of releasing student names to the recruiters
  • Expand our presence on social media, to get our message out and engage a younger generation
  • Bring together a wide range of community organizations at the first outdoor Brooklyn Peace & Justice Fair
  • Sponsor a cultural event featuring poet Jan Clausen and folksinger/songwriting John O’Connor at the WORD bookstore in Greenpoint
  • Encourage local artists to participate in a “Web of Life” Peace Campaign to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Produce our monthly show “War No More” on Brooklyn Community Access Television, and post our programs on our YouTube channel, making them available to those who can’t participate in person
  • Keep a spotlight on abuses of human rights and civil liberties, often against Muslims, in the domestic “War on Terror”. We worked with the “No Separate Justice” campaign to maintain a monthly vigil at the Metropolitan Correctional Center
  • Organize the annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, to raise international awareness among school children and their parents, as well as raising funds for UNICEF
  • Sustain our full-time Program Director, who facilitates and energizes our programs

Your financial support, as well as your participation in our ongoing activities, is what makes our work possible. With your membership and generous donations, we can continue to expand and grow in meeting the challenges ahead!