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Takin' a drink break at the Web Launch Fundraiser - 3/25/11

Fundraising Committee

Thank you to the supporters of the 2015 Pathmakers to Peace!

Without these people, organizations, and businesses, we would not be able to do what we do.

Amorina Pizza624 Vanderbilt Ave.
Bassett Caterers
Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX)
Brooklyn Friends of the People’s World
Brooklyn Friends Meeting House, 110 Schermerhorn St.
Brooklyn Historical Society
Brothers Halal Meat Market
Book Cook
Black Vets for Social Justice (BVSJ)
Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats (CBID)
Central Brooklyn MLK Commission
Deadhorse Records
DRUM: South Asian Organizing Center
Allan Eisenberg, Psychotherapy
Flatbush Food Coop
Fort Greene Peace
Fortune House, 82 Henry St.
Heart by Hand, 172 Greenpoint Ave.
Heights Chateau Fine Wine & Spirits, 123 Atlantic Ave.
Holy Land Auto Repair
Hungry Ghost: Coffee Bar and Cafe, 781 Fulton St.
Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JREJ)
Key Food
Letitia James, Public Advocate
Lone Wolf Tribe
Long Island Peace Alliance
Lu Anne’s Wild Ginger All-Asian Vegan
Make the Road
Met Foods
Montague Wine and Spirits, 78 Montague
Mukti’s Kitchen
Muslim Community Network
National Lawyers Guild
No Separate Justice
Peace Action New York State (PANYS)
Peace Action Staten Island
PSUMC Social Action Committee
Peace Action Bay Ridge
Physicians for a National Health Program
Robert Provenzano, D.D.S.
Rothberg Law Firm
Save Mor
Select Mail
South Slope Auto Center
The Garden Food Market, 921 Manhattan Ave.
United Community Centers, Inc. (UCC)
United University Professions (UUP)
Veris Wealth Partners
War Resisters League
World Can’t Wait
World Fellowship Center
Wyckoff Pharmacy
Yvette Clarke, Congressperson


2015 Letter To Our Supporters

December 2015

If you share our dismay at the mounting cycle of violence—in which acts of terror as well as acts of war—create vast suffering for millions of innocent civilians, we hope you will continue to support Brooklyn For Peace. Since 1984, our organization has served as a community resource for people seeking to understand contemporary crises. We work to promote non-military alternatives in the Middle East and elsewhere, as well as humanitarian assistance for victims of war, and social justice at home. We are writing now to ask for your membership and financial support.

Since 1984, Brooklyn For Peace has been active in educating ourselves, our Congressional representatives, and our community on international and domestic issues. We hope to be a productive force in securing a peaceful future for generations to come. In the present context, we recognize the obstacles to achievement of this goal. But we also believe that educating and organizing are the only moral and practical pathways through which we can end our country’s propensity for war.

Although 2015 has brought its share of disheartening developments, we are encouraged by the recent nuclear agreement with Iran as a step in the right direction. It is an example of what can be accomplished when grassroots voices articulate a powerful demand for diplomacy and negotiation as the way to address conflicts. We are especially proud that here in Brooklyn our organization took the lead in building support for the Iran agreement with our Congressional delegation, despite powerful cross-pressures.

Our Pathmakers to Peace Award this year honored Amy Goodman, host and producer of Democracy Now! at a gala dinner at the historic Plymouth Church. This event has been important in building bridges between organizations, connecting issues, and building our own community. Amy reminded us that, “It is so much harder to wage peace than it is to wage war, and we have to change that.” We ask you to join us in this vital work.

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2015 Year in Review

During the past year, your contributions enabled us to:  (a partial list)

  • Provide an organizing framework which mobilized support for the nuclear agreement with Iran by collecting signatures on postcards, disseminating educational materials, holding meetings with our elected officials, and participating in vigils and demonstrations
  • Participate in the spring “Peace and Planet” mobilization, emphasizing the connection of environmental and climate justice with the movement for a world free of both nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. We held two community forums on eliminating nuclear weapons and nuclear power
  • Participate in activities to raise awareness of Israeli apartheid policies, demanding equal rights and respect for international law. We have continued the sale of Palestinian olive oil, which supports the Palestinian economy
  • Build Brooklyn’s participation in the 5K Run, benefitting UNRWA’s Community Mental Health Program for Palestinian children in Gaza suffering psychological trauma and PTSD due to the relentless Israeli bombing campaign during the summer of 2014, as well as the prolonged blockade
  • Educate our neighbors on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which, if passed, will increase the social and economic injustices which lead to war. We organized opposition to the “Fast Track”, and participated in a Town Hall on the TPP

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Amy Goodman honored as a Pathmaker to Peace!!


Brooklyn For Peace was thrilled to honor  Amy Goodman, crusading journalist, host and executive producer of Democracy Now!, as our 2015 Pathmaker to Peace. The gala event took place on Thursday November 12, 2015, at the historic Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights.

Did you miss it? See it on  YouTube,  Click HERE to see photos. Amy spoke very personally about her own experiences which have led to her conclusion that grass roots movements are the way to win peace and still the hands of the warmakers.

It was also a night to showcase the role of Brooklyn For Peace, as Brooklyn’s oldest and most active peace and justice organization. BFP Vice Chair Carolyn Rusti Eisenberg, recalled the vital role of the group in the run-up to the recent victory in Congress with the approval of the Iran nuclear treaty. Tireless activism by BFP members was able to push Brooklyn’s Congressional delegation into supporting the Iran agreement—breaking the lockstep support for the pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, which has  been the usual scenario. This led to other Democrats all across the country, following the lead of the Brooklyn House members, thus consolidating the final vote.

Many thanks to all who attended as well as those who could not attend but supported this event in so many ways!
Look for the program journal which will be posted on-line shortly.




2014 Year in Review

Because of your contributions, this year we were able to:
(a partial list):

  • Sustain a full-time Program Coordinator, who is facilitating and energizing our programs. We continue to reach out to a younger generation, using cultural activities as well as social media.
  • Reach out to our neighbors with information, petitions, and postcards at street fairs and farmer’s markets. Continued outreach to our constituents to encourage our elected officials to oppose what now appears to be an endless war.
  • Hold a 2 week vigil against the war on Gaza at which we collected over two thousand signatures demanding an end to all attacks on civilians and an end to U.S. support of the Israeli occupation
  • Host community forums on a wide range of topics, including “Arts and Activism;” “In Search of a Nuclear Deal with Iran;” “The Invention of the White Race;” “The US in the Middle East;” “Whistleblowers and Surveillance;” “Life and Loathing in Greater Israel;” The Ongoing Genocide in Darfur and the Crisis in South Sudan;”; “Which Way Forward: Climate Chaos or Climate Justice?”; collaboration with Fort Greene Peace on a forum, “How Should the U.S. Respond to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria?”
  • Participate in NYC Millions March/Black LIves Matter! response to police killlings of Akai Gurley, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and others.  Provide resources and connections to ongoing activities.

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Letter to Our Supporters: December 2014

Dear Friend,

2014 marks 30 years of Brooklyn For Peace working for peace and justice! We are writing now because your membership and financial support are crucial for us to maintain our current level of activity and to grow.

We are very appreciative of the kind words recently expressed by Noam Chomsky regarding the significance of our 30 year history and the importance of continuity and consistency in a grassroots group. The generosity of our members has made this possible. Simply put, without funds we can’t do the work!

Basic annual membership is $30. Larger donations are very much appreciated and will be put to good use in developing our program. If you’ve already contributed in 2014, please consider an additional end-of-the-year tax-deductible contribution.

You can donate on line at our website using PayPal or a credit card.

If you prefer, you can mail a check to:

BFP, PMB 106, 41 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201.
You can call us at 718-624-5921 to use your credit card on the phone.

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Pathmakers to Peace Supporters

Thank you to our supporters and friends! Check out the Pathmakers to Peace Journal.

Thank you to the 2014 Pathmakers to Peace Supporters:
Please give your support to our supporters!

All Souls Bethlehem
Allan Eisenberg
Amorina Pizza
Arab American Association of New York
Bassetts’ Catering
Black Veterans for Social Justice
Bob Cook: Your PC Guru
Boerum Hill Association
BFP Anti-Militarism Committee
BFP Arts and Culture
BFP Climate Action
BFP Darfur/Africa Task Force
BFP Diversity Outreach
BFP Israel-Palestine Committee
BFP Latin America Task Force
BFP Nuclear Zero
BFP PEJ Committee
Brooklyn Historical Society
Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
Camp Kinderland
Charlene Barker
DeadHorse Records
Eventfull Catering
Flatbush Food Coop
Fort Greene Peace
Fortune House
Grizer-Hoffman Family
Harmonic Insurgence
Heights Chateau
HolyLand Auto Repair
Hope Animal Hospital
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Jews for Racial and Ecomonic Justice
Jim Brennan, Assemblymember
Joe Kopitz and Ken Diamondstone
Key Food
Letita James, Public Advocate
Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
Make the Road
Met Supermarkets
Mukti’s Kitchen
Muslim Community Network
New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund
Noodle Pudding
Park Plaza
Peace Action Bay Ride Interfaith Peace Coalition
Peace Action NYS
Prospect Perk Cafe
Queens Pride House
Red Rose
Rothberg Law
Save Mor
Select Mail
The Central Brooklyn MLK Commission
The Garden Food Market
United Community Center of East New York
United University Professionals
Veris Wealth Partners
Veterans for Peace
War No More on BCAT
War Resisters League
Wild Ginger Pan-Asian Cuisine
Wyckoff’s Corner Pharmacy
Yvette Clarke, Congressperson

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Become A Member of Brooklyn For Peace!

Since 2001, ten billion dollars have been taken from Brooklyn taxpayers and wasted on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A total of more than a trillion dollars overall has been spent on the wars. U.S.foreign policy and tax dollars are supporting the wrong policies in Israel, Latin America, Africa and the Mid East. In addition to countless lives here and abroad both lost and permanently maimed, we are also seeing this misallocation of resources result in drastic cutbacks of public services.

Brooklyn For Peace provides a voice for resistance! We participate in demonstrations, vigils, letter-writing, phone-call and petition campaigns. We work with a wide variety of other groups. We are out on the street with flyers and at neighborhood festivals. We provide visibility to the need for peaceful alternatives.

Just a few of our activities thus far in 2011:

  • 7th Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair at Brooklyn College, with Juan Gonzalez as the keynote speaker, emphasizing “Cut the Military Budget! We Need New Priorities!”
  • Participation in April 9 National Anti-War demonstration
  • Nuclear Zero Town Hall Meeting, launching petition campaign to have NYC declared as a Mayor’s City of Peace
  • Distributing flyers emphasizing cost of war to Brooklyn, on Tax Day in Brooklyn (Flatbush-Midwood) and on May 12 at the city-wide demonstration against cutbacks
  • Community Meeting on Libya, resulting in a statement and petition calling for alternatives to military action
  • Ongoing vigils for Darfur, keeping this issue in public view
  • CineForos (films with discussion) on Latin America
  • Joining with community members to support the building of a mosque in Sheepshead Bay, and sponsoring a workshop on Islamophobia at the Brooklyn Peace Fair

Most of our work is done by volunteers. However, even this e-mail message which you are now reading costs money to send!

We are only able to maintain our multi-faceted program by employing a full-time Program Coordinator. Funds are also needed to rent space in which to hold events, to print flyers and publicity materials, and to video our events to make them accessible to those not able to attend in person.

If you aren’t already a member, please take the opportunity now to join as well as to make a financial contribution. Your financial support is an important way of participating.

  • Click here to become a member.
  • Click here to make a donation. Annual membership is a suggested donation of $30 ($10 for students and those on a limited income.)
  • You can also mail your check to BFP, PMB 106, 41 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

All contributions are fully tax-deductible, and will be acknowledged with our thanks!

Visit our website for current and upcoming opportunities for participation.

Questions? Call us at 718-624-5821 or email us at

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