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Calendar of Events

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Current Activities

March For Our Lives — March 24, 2018

Mar 25, 2018—

Yesterday’s Marches For Our Lives, which took part in over 800 locations around the country and yet more around the world, saw over a million people, mostly young and diverse pour into the streets demanding an end to the plague of gun violence that is stalking America and taking the lives of innocent kids going about their business getting their education, making friends, living their lives.

The latest tragedy in Parkland, Florida’s at Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School, was the final straw. “Enough is enough!” became the rallying cry of a new generation of students turned activists. The result, and surely just the beginning given the fierce determination of these young people, was these powerful marches. Putting the gun lobby and the NRA on the defensive was the first effect. But these students are not stopping there. Many will turn 18 and will be transformed into voters who can sweep the halls of Congress of those who have taken the millions of dollars from the gun lobby who then ordered them to sit on their behinds, refusing to act, even as dozens and hundreds of children have seen their lives cut short by deranged shooters armed with military killing weapons. The students have seen through this evil arrangement.

In NYC, tens and tens of thousands marched down Central Park West in an endless stream of youthful humanity, beginning in the West 70’s and continuing down Sixth Avenue to end at West 45th Street in the theater district. Spectators on the sidewalks greeted them with applause. The crowd was overwhelmingly young and diverse and the sun shone brightly in a brilliant blue sky as the young people, with healthy contingents of older people, many of them veterans of earlier struggles, as well as representatives of many different organizations, walked with them. Chants rang out: “Never Again!” Enough Is enough!” and when the march passed the Trump Hotel at Columbus Circle, chants turned to boos and demands for removal of a ‘president’ who has given license to the NRA and extremists to pollute our culture with violence and hate.

Brooklyn For Peace marched with the thousands. The group’s signs made the  connection between U.S. wars and unbridled militarism and the culture of guns and violence at home. The message is even more urgent with the recent appointments of extremist warmongers, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton to key positions in the Trump cabinet.

Advertising banners on the lamppost for a NY Historical Society exhibit on the Vietnam war are set off by a BFP sign connecting war s abroad to gun violence at home.

This was a day to remember and is just the beginning of a massive movement that can shake the foundations of our country, restore democracy and turn the nation in a progressive direction, derailing the path of destruction that the Trump regime is hell-bent on pursuing. Stay tuned!

Click here to see more photos and videos from the NYC March For Our Lives.

Did you call Congress about S.J. Res 54?

Thanks to everybody who called, wrote, or signed petitions about S. J. Res 54.
This resolution, if passed, would have stopped the unconstitutional U.S support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen, by invoking the War Powers Act.
It was tabled last week (effectively killing it for the moment) by a vote of 54 for tabling to 44 against tabling.
However, the good news is that both NY Senators Schumer and Gillibrand voted against tabling.  We credit this to the strong grassroots pressure from constituents.  Please call or e-mail again to thank them. Let them know that we’re watching! We expect them to take an even stronger leadership role to get Congress to exercise its authority and stop further U.S. aid to Saudi Arabia.

Palestinian Resistance, Israeli Oppression: How Should Activists Respond?

A standing-room-only crowd heard from Palestinian and American representatives of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) on Monday night (3/19) at the Brooklyn Commons. Rana Nazzal and Joe Catron spoke about their experiences supporting Palestinians in West Bank demonstrations against the brutal Israeli occupation and in Gaza during Israeli bombing raids on hospitals, schools, and homes.

The event, which was organized by Brooklyn For Peace and co-sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace-New York City, the PSUMC Social Action Committee, and the Park Slope Food Coop BDS, also saw some short videos of deadly Israeli violence against peaceful demonstrators. The audience raised several hundred dollars to support the work of ISM and Brooklyn For Peace. Both organizations are hoping the event will bring new volunteers to this important work.

A Parade for Peace Not for War!

#ProudAfricans Coalition Protest at U.N. (Feb 15, 2018)

#ProudAfricans Coalition Protest at UNITED NATIONS

#ProudAfricans a coalition of African, Caribbean, and African-American activists, human rights, and professional organizations hosted a protest rally outside the UN at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza park on Thursday Feb. 15 to denounce the recent anti-Africa racist comments by President Donald Trump and to highlight Africa’s past and continuing contributions in the creation of wealth and prosperity in the industrialized West. Dr. Mohammed Nurhussein, Chair of the United African Congress, and Board member of Brooklyn For Peace, was a lead speaker at the rally. Click here for his remarks.

Prof. Milton Allimadi also spoke. Click here to read his speech.

Organized by: United African Congress (UAC), Institute of the Black World 21st Century, Give Them A Hand Foundation, African Diaspora Coalition for Justice,, The Black Star News, African Women Solidarity Action for Development, African Hope Committee, African Commission of Newark, New Jersey,  African Human Rights Commission.

Endorsed by: Brooklyn For Peace
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See Press Release in Black Star News
See it on YouTube

Thousands Walk in the NYC Women’s March
Its Echoes Will Be Heard in Washington!

Jan 20, 2018

They came off the subway at Columbus Circle by the thousands upon thousands. Young, old, women, men, children, families with strollers and dogs on leashes. The sidewalks were filled to overflowing and people spilled into Broadway and finally filled up Columbus Avenue as they headed uptown to the march’s launching areas on Central Park West and streets running off it.

Today’s Women’s March in Manhattan will reverberate far away in the halls of political power in Washington! It was a fantastic, spectacular, uplifting, boisterous, optimistic and determined crowd of people who carried signs, many of their own creation with humorous and pithy slogans painted on them. The demands on the placards touched on a multitude of issues: women’s rights, the need to welcome refugees and immigrants, Black Lives Matter and civil liberties among others. A main theme was the need to remove Trump from the White House and his allies in Congress, decrying the enormous harm they are planning and are capable of. Many focused on the November elections as critical in reversing Trumpism and reclaiming our democracy.

Hey Trump! We’re not going anywhere. YOU are!

The numbers of people in the street was very impressive. It’s hard to say just how many people there turned out on a beautiful winter day with a respite from the frigid cold of recent weeks. But one thing is clear: it was enormous!

Brooklyn For Peace and its sister, Fort Greene Peace, called on members to meet earlier at Brooklyn Borough Hall and take the subway in as a group. The feeling of community and common purpose was evident as we boarded the A train, heading into Manhattan to join with the tens of thousands of people in a wonderful show of support for the Women’s March.

To see all our photos from the day’s activities click HERE.

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