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Calendar of Events

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Uniting to build peace for future generations

Current Activities

For Peace & Justice: Join Brooklyn For Peace!

Brooklyn For Peace believes that many of the issues of common concern to Brooklynites are linked. As a multi-issue non-partisan non-sectarian organization, we connect the dots between endless wars, local gas pipelines, national energy policy, and the draining of our tax money away from human services and towards the Pentagon. For over 25 years, Brooklyn For Peace has conducted educational programs and provided varied opportunities to take action. We realize again this year how important it is for us to work together to break the barriers to meaningful change in our national priorities.

Please join us in our commitment to building a movement for peace and justice! Donate and become a member of Brooklyn For Peace. Your donation is tax-deductible in 2012 if it’s postmarked by December 31, or if you donate on-line before midnight, December 31. Some of our activities thus far in 2012: Continue reading

What is the “Grand Bargain” and the “Fiscal Cliff”??

Vox Pop was a popular radio program of interviews, quizzes and human interest features, sometimes titled Sidewalk Interviews (1936) and Voice of the People (the name is from the Latin “Vox Populi”, meaning “Voice of the People”). It was heard from the early 1930s to the late 1940s.

As we come down to the wire on the so-called “Fiscal Cliff,” BFP put together our own “Vox Pop” video.
We asked these three questions:

  1. Since the election, there’s been a lot of talk about a “grand bargain.” Have you heard of the grand bargain? If so, what do you think it is, and what do you think of it?
  2. President Obama has said the “grand bargain” will include big reductions in “entitlements,” which usually refers to Medicare and Social Security. Do you think we should put more public money, or less public money, into social programs like Medicare and Social Security?
  3. If YOU were making the government budget, what would YOU spend the money on? Continue reading

Response to massacre in Newtown, Connecticut

With last week’s overwhelmingly sad and tragic news of gun violence in Newtown, Connecticut, leaving 27 people dead, including 20 young children, we are reminded of the urgency of our joining together to make America and our world a safer place for all. We applaud the President’s commitment to take immediate action for gun control, and to reduce the level of violence in our society. We look forward to his leadership. We also join with New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and a groundswell of our fellow Americans from all walks of life, in an urgent call for legislative action.

Gun Control legislation is necessary but it’s only the first step: Join Brooklyn For Peace to work for the elimination of the social and economic injustices which cause war. Proliferation of guns is directly related to the out-of-control defense industry. Guns which end up on the streets are manufactured by the same companies which manufacture weapons for the U.S. military.

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Brooklynites To Congress: We don’t want another war!

October 28, 2012

Members of Brooklyn For Peace’s Peace And Economic Justice Committee (PEJ) have been busy the past few weekends. Concerned that some in Congress are beating the drums of war once again by pushing for military action against Iran, they have been out on street corners asking residents to send postcards to Congress demanding that their representatives say “NO to another war!”

At times the BFP table was swarmed with people wanting to send postcards
to their Congressional Representative.

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Say No to War Against Iran!
Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone in the Middle East!
Sign the Iran Pledge of Resistance

Sign the Iran Pledge of Resistance initiated by United for Peace and Justice.

Brooklyn For Peace is one of the endorsing organizations and calls for:
No War Against Iran! Nuclear Free Weapons Zone in the Middle East!

The time to stop the senseless march to war with Iran is NOW!
See the flyer

Inform yourself! See the Resource List (updated October 1, 2012)

Join BFP to work on preventing another war before it starts! Email

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Say NO! to Sanctions Against Iran!
Sanctions are NOT AN ALTERNATIVE to War!
Sanctions Are War by Other Means!

On Sunday, July 1, 2012 the European Union, backed by the United States, launched a potentially crippling oil embargo against the Iranian people. This follows escalating U.S. sanctions that as of June 28 further punish any business with Iran’s Central Bank and further decimate the country’s capacity to make financial transactions. The Iranian people are already suffering and resisting the grave impact of sanctions and the Iranian government’s economic policies as they face rising prices in food, medicine, and other basic needs. Click here to inform yourself about BFP’s position on addressing issues with Iran. Continue reading

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Our five working committees meet regularly to plan and carry out work for peace, social justice and international law. You can also help us build bridges of peace by participating in our ad hoc task forces activities.

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Neighborhood Peace Groups

The peace movement is growing throughout Brooklyn. These are some of the new groups that have developed.

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