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Calendar of Events

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Current Activities

Marchers To Cuomo:
“Keep Interfaith Hospital Open!”

Nov 12, 2013

Dozens of employees of Interfaith Medical Center marched, along with their supporters, last night. Forming a human chain in front of the hospital, the marchers demanded that Governor Cuomo end his plans to shutter many of Brooklyn’s hospitals – health facilities that serve large sections of Brooklyn’s working class communities – leaving them without access to medical care.

Fightbacks against the austerity policies of corporate-oriented elected officials are heating up … in Brooklyn and around the country. People are saying NO to priviatization, cutbacks, layoffs and closures.

Brooklyn For Peace, which participated in last night’s demonstration, says that spending priorities in Congress that favor war over people’s needs must be changed if local services are to be saved and expanded.

For more photos of last night’s protest:

Governor Cuomo ... keep the faith at Interfaith!

We Went All Out For UNICEF This Year!

October 31, 2013

Brooklyn For Peace’s UNICEF Committee had a very successful campaign this year. They participated in advance and during Park Slope’s annual Halloween Parade. As thousands of people crowded the neighborhood’s streets last night, BFP’ers were out with collection boxes, handing them out to very many of the trick-or-treaters. A great lesson for the kids: get some treats but also think and act on behalf of children around the world who are suffering from poverty, hunger and war.


Diane Allison and her UNICEF puppet attracted lots of attention.
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Tribute to Congressman Major Owens

Brooklyn For Peace
Tribute to Congressman Major Owens

Brooklyn For Peace mourns the death of former Congressman and BFP Board member Major Owens. We are also profoundly gratefully for his inspiring example as a political leader, community activist and personal friend.

In the aftermath of 9/11, we phoned his Washington office to express our distress about the incarceration of Muslim men in the Metropolitan Detention Center and about the intensifying cries for war. We didn’t know him then. Within hours he called us back. Not a staff member, but the Congressman himself: “Hello, this is Major Owens.” We said we wished to meet with him: “Where do you want me to go?” Not, come to my office. But I’ll come to you. “Wherever you want–a home, a meeting room.”

A Congressman who answers his own phone calls, who will travel to your meeting place. Not to make a speech, or receive a check. But to have a conversation with his constituents about issues that matter. What an extraordinary politician!
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Pathmakers To Peace
A Truly Beautiful Night In Brooklyn!

Oct 21, 2013

Hundreds gathered at the Brooklyn Historical Society’s beautiful meeting hall for a Brooklyn For Peace reception: Pathmakers To Peace. The event, which honored five outstanding Brooklyn residents or organization who have demonstrated a continued effort to support the peace and justice movement both in and outside the community, was attended by a diverse community of people from all over Brooklyn and beyond.

Pathmakers To Peace, Brooklyn For Peace's fundraising event. Oct

Charlotte Phillips, MD — Chair of Brooklyn For Peace, receives applause from attendees at the reception.

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Victory for Peace Movement!!

“President Obama, facing implacable opposition for a strike in Syria in Congress and throughout the country. said Tuesday that he would hold off military action for now and pursue a Russian proposal for international monitors to take over and destroy Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons.” (NY Times) (Italics added)

Big thanks to everybody in Brooklyn who made phone calls, distributed information to neighbors. visited their Congressional representative, participated in vigils. Our efforts have made an impact!

We need to keep the focus on achieving a sustainable verifiable way to eliminate chemical weapons not only from Syria but also from all other nations including the U.S., and prevent them from ever being used again. This won’t be easy, but it can be done!

E-mail to work with BFP on this issue, and to let us know who your Congressional Representative is so that we can be even more effective, going forward.

Why We Oppose U.S. Bombing of Syria
What are the alternatives??
What can YOU do right now??

Why do we oppose US bombing of Syria?

1. It’s illegal!

a. No matter how hard the Administration tries to spin it, the US is not under imminent threat of military attack from the Assad regime. Under Article 51 of the UN Charter, that’s an illegal use of force, no matter what Congress says.

b. There is no lawful justification for the US self-annointment as the unilateral policeperson of the world when it comes to chemical weapons.
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