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Current Activities

Legislative Meeting with Congressmember Yvette Clarke on the crisis in the Mid-East

Feb 17, 2016

As part of a follow-up to our petition campaign this autumn, in which BFP members collected over 700 signatures on petitions, we requested meetings with Brooklyn House members. The petitions were sent to the Congress members as well as to our two U.S. Senators and President Obama. Collected over just a few weekends in September, the signers demanded that the U.S. use diplomacy and negotiations to solve the crisis in the Mid-East rather than resort to military escalation and yet another disastrous war.

Our first meeting was with Congress Member Yvette D. Clarke (9th CD) and we were greeted with a friendly and favorable response. Clarke told us she was in agreement with all the points on the petition, a copy of which can be viewed or signed online here:

We asked her about raising her voice in the House on the question of welcoming the Syrian refugees because we felt the United States has made a tepid, indeed minuscule, offer to accept refugees compared to other countries. We also urged a campaign and perhaps a Town Hall meeting to “put Brooklyn on the map” as a welcoming haven for refugees who are fleeing death and destruction in their homeland. She said she would certainly consider it and agreed with us when we said that shining a light on Brooklyn’s welcoming stance would have a national impact beyond the borders of our borough.

Finally, we asked her about opposing the latest Pentagon war budget that has just been presented. It calls for another $600-plus Billion to be spent on war and weapons. She indicated that she would most likely be voting NO on it as she has done consistently over the years of her tenure. She said she sees these bloated budgets as promoting a militaristic approach to foreign policy, something she very much opposes. And, she added, it robs her constituents of tax dollars that are desperately needed at home to solve urgent problems and fund vital programs.

We thanked the Representative for meeting with us and spending time on these important questions and came away with a very positive feeling about her positions on war and peace.

Syria, ISIS, Refugees and War Forum

Over 125 people crammed into The Commons on Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue for a forum on Syria, ISIS, Refugees and War sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace on January 13, 2016. The event was co-sponsored by Fort Greene Peace.

The standing room only event featured two speakers who are noted experts on the Middle East: Phyllis Bennis of the Institute For Policy Studies and David Wildman, who is the Executive Secretary for Human Rights & Racial Justice with the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Global Ministries.

The evening began with a rousing performance by singer/songwriter Judy Gorman and then moderated by BFP Vice-Chair, Carolyn Eisenberg who introduced the speakers.

Phyllis Bennis concentrated on providing a historical background and overview of the rise of ISIS. David Wildman concentrated on the plight of the millions of refugees that that the Middle East wars have produced. He urged a campaign that would counter the racist anti-refugee campaign that has been confusing and striking fear into Americans from the likes of Fear Mongerer In Chief, Donald Trump as well as other elected officials.

After their remarks, BFP’s other Vice-Chair, David Tykulsker, asked for contributions so that the organization could continue their work for peace in the Middle East. He also announced that the receipts would be split with the renowned humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders, which has been under attack by U.S. warplanes and, more recently, by Saudi Arabia which is waging a cruel war in Yemen.

The evening concluded with a question and answer session in which audience members asked for further information on various subjects. Brooklyn For Peace has announced that it will continue to oppose war and military action as a solution the crises that is creating such misery, death and destruction in the region. It has collected hundreds of signatures on petitions which can be signed online here:
See more pictures here:

Brooklyn Agrees—No New U.S. War In Syria!
Use Diplomacy Not War!

Nov 7, 2015: (Updated Dec 9, 2015)

Brooklyn For Peace set up tables in several Brooklyn neighborhoods today (11/6/2015). At one table, in front of the borough’s Central Library, residents lined up to sign petitions that urge Congress and the President to pursue diplomacy instead of war in settling the conflict in Syria. President Obama, who has said in the past that there is no military solution to that war, nevertheless reversed himself last week by ordering U.S. troops, placing them inside Syria. Viewing that escalation as the first step to what could easily become a much wider involvement, flyers were handed out demanding an end to U.S. military involvement in the complex civil war in Syria which has already claimed well over 200,000 lives and has produced a flood of refugees fleeing death and destruction. We must use diplomacy to bring all the parties together to hammer out a cease fire and a solution to the Syrian conflict. That must include the United States, Russia, Iraq, Iran and the Assad government. Only with such a regional diplomatic approach can ISIS be isolated and the terrible war be brought to an end. This will also help to end the refugee crisis whose root cause is the war.

BFP has been out on various Brooklyn street corners. This table was set up on December 9th at the Park Slope Food Coop.
Signing a petition to use DIPLOMACY NOT WAR to solve the Syrian civil war.
BFP’s Gary Goff hands out flyers outside the Park Slope Food Coop.

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New Yorkers Demand ACTION NOW
on Climate Change!

Nov 29, 2015

Nov 29, 2015

Over a thousand marched today, encircling City Hall, demanding immediate action by government on the very real threat of climate change. Brooklyn For Peace was a co-sponsor of the event and many of its members participated.

This protest was one of thousands around the globe, called to express solidarity with the giant march in Paris that was cancelled by the government in the wake of the attacks in that city. The Paris march was to take place outside the U.N. Climate Summit which is ongoing for the next two weeks as governments meet to decide on actions to tackle this threat to the planet and civilization.

Protests are necessary because governments are stymied and controlled by economic interests that put profits before planet and people.

To see more photos, go HERE

Youth with the truth.
Youth with the truth.

Brooklyn For Peace Response to
Recent Attacks and Global Violence

Brooklyn For Peace shares with people around the world a deep sorrow over the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad, along with the civilian deaths on the downed Russian airplane and in Beirut.

The massive news coverage of Paris brings home to everyone the humanity of these particular victims and the tragedy of innocent lives upended or destroyed. Yet in mourning these most recent deaths, we cannot ignore the reality of fourteen years in which millions of civilians in the Middle East and elsewhere have endured shattering losses, as the harsh and irresponsible American “war on terror” exacts its fearful price.
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Oh What A Night!
Pathmaker To Peace Showed The Way To Peace!

Nov 13, 2015

Last night Brooklyn’s historic Plymouth Church echoed with cheers and applause as close to 200 people gathered to enjoy a great dinner and then listen intently as honoree, Amy Goodman, the crusading journalist and producer of Democracy Now, spoke on her experiences and her conclusion that grass roots movements are the way to win peace and still the hands of the warmakers.

It was also a night to showcase the role of Brooklyn’s oldest and most active peace and justice organization. Among several introductions, BFP Vice Chair Carolyn Rusti Eisenberg, recalled the vital role of the group in the run-up to the recent victory in Congress with the approval of the Iran nuclear treaty. Tireless activism, Eisenberg said, by BFP activists, was able to push Brooklyn’s Congressional delegation into supporting the Iran agreement—breaking the lockstep support for the pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, that has  been the usual scenario. This led, she pointed out, to other Democrats all across the country, following the lead of the Brooklyn House members, thus consolidating the final vote.

Here are some photos of an unforgettable evening.  Click HERE to see our photo album.

Amy Goodman, this year’s Pathmaker To Peace, addresses the audience at Brooklyn For Peace’s annual awards dinner.
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