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Calendar of Events

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Current Activities

Thousands Walk in the NYC Women’s March
Its Echoes Will Be Heard in Washington!

Jan 20, 2018

They came off the subway at Columbus Circle by the thousands upon thousands. Young, old, women, men, children, families with strollers and dogs on leashes. The sidewalks were filled to overflowing and people spilled into Broadway and finally filled up Columbus Avenue as they headed uptown to the march’s launching areas on Central Park West and streets running off it.

Today’s Women’s March in Manhattan will reverberate far away in the halls of political power in Washington! It was a fantastic, spectacular, uplifting, boisterous, optimistic and determined crowd of people who carried signs, many of their own creation with humorous and pithy slogans painted on them. The demands on the placards touched on a multitude of issues: women’s rights, the need to welcome refugees and immigrants, Black Lives Matter and civil liberties among others. A main theme was the need to remove Trump from the White House and his allies in Congress, decrying the enormous harm they are planning and are capable of. Many focused on the November elections as critical in reversing Trumpism and reclaiming our democracy.

Hey Trump! We’re not going anywhere. YOU are!

The numbers of people in the street was very impressive. It’s hard to say just how many people there turned out on a beautiful winter day with a respite from the frigid cold of recent weeks. But one thing is clear: it was enormous!

Brooklyn For Peace and its sister, Fort Greene Peace, called on members to meet earlier at Brooklyn Borough Hall and take the subway in as a group. The feeling of community and common purpose was evident as we boarded the A train, heading into Manhattan to join with the tens of thousands of people in a wonderful show of support for the Women’s March.

To see all our photos from the day’s activities click HERE.

Poor People’s Campaign Launched
In NYC and Nationwide

December 11, 2017

Dozens of activists, representing a broad swathe of the city’s labor, community, peace and justice organizations, gathered to kick off the New York City part of the Poor People’s Campaign, a nation-wide effort to unite tens of thousands of people across the country to challenge the evils of systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, and ecological devastation.

The Poor People’s Campaign was a hallmark of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s activism. It brought hundreds of thousands into action and focused the nation’s attention on endemic poverty, racism and injustice. Today’s meeting was called because many feel that a new campaign is needed as Dr. King’s job is far from finished.

There was wide agreement on the need for progressive people to organize as a united movement, with a focus on how issues are related rather than distinct. Michael Zweig of US Labor Against War, and Claudia de la Cruz of Popular Education Project led the lively discussion held at the Communication Workers of America offices in lower Manhattan.

Plans call for a series of educational and cultural events, mass meetings, and civil disobedience in the coming months. Mother’s Day 2018 will mark the beginning of forty days of moral resistance culminating in a mass demonstration in Washington DC in June.

Watch this page for more information as this new movement takes shape.


A Night To Remember—
Our Pathmakers To Peace Gala Dinner

November 30, 2017

It was a night to remember. So said….everyone who attended this year’s Pathmaker To Peace gala dinner. Sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace, it brought some 200 people together at Brooklyn Height’s historic Plymouth Church. The church was a center of anti-slavery abolitionist action under its great minister, Henry Ward Beecher.

And the Pathmakers award goes to…Leslie Cagan, a true Pathmaker To Peace.

Enjoying drinks and a great buffet, we assembled to honor those activists who had championed and blazed paths for the movement for peace and justice. This year’s honorees were—

Linda Sarsour, Palestinian-American human rights activist and co-chair of the historic Women’s March in 2017 that brought a million people to Washington to protest the election of Trump and his proposed agenda.

Leslie Cagan, for her lifetime of activism in the movements for peace (a founder of United For Peace And Justice) and environment (an organizer of the enormous People’s Climate March in NYC).

UPROSE, an organization of climate and social justice activists led by women of color. It’s organizing young people as future leaders of the progressive movement and is based in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park.

Many remarked, upon leaving the church, that this was a memorable evening indeed and that during these ominous times of Donald Trump, it provided a very needed uplift and boost to our spirits as it showed that our movement is alive and well and is fighting back .

The evening’s resounding message, echoed throughout and without: “We’re moving forward! And we’re not going back!”

To see all the photos from the evening’s festivities just CLICK HERE.

To see a video of the presentations, CLICK HERE.

Few Tickets Still Available!
Thurs Nov 30, 2017 Pathmakers to Peace

The 2017 PathMakers to Peace Reception & Gala Dinner will be held Thursday, November 30, 2017 at the historic Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights at 6:00 pm.

PathMakers to Peace honors individuals and organizations who have played a leadership role in forging new pathways in the movement for peace and justice. This year, we are pleased to honor:

  • Linda Sarsour
    Racial Justice and Civil Rights Activist; Co-Organizer Women’s March 2017;
    Co-Founder/CEO at MPower Change
  • Leslie Cagan
    Coordinator, Peoples Climate Movement NY;
    Co-Founder, United for Peace and Justice
    An intergenerational, multi-racial, nationally-recognized, grassroots organization
    led by women of color, working at the intersection of racial justice and climate
    change, promoting sustainability and resiliency, and a leader in the movement for
    environmental justice

WHEN: Thursday, November 30 from 6:00 to 9:30 pm

WHERE: Plymouth Church, 57 Orange St. Brooklyn Heights [MAP] (Plymouth Church is 75 Hicks Street but event entrance is around the corner at 57 Orange Street through the garden)

All proceeds benefit the peace and justice work of Brooklyn For Peace. Portion of ticket price is tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Thurs 10/26, 7 pm: Is War in Korea Inevitable?
Open Community Meeting

Please join us! If you can’t come in person, you can also see it on Live Stream, using this link:

Thurs 10/26, 7 pm:

Is War in Korea Inevitable?

Open Community Meeting, featuring voices from the Korean and Korean-American peace movements:

Our guests: (see bios below)

Joyakgol, South Korean anti-war activist and musician, who has been at the frontline of locai villager struggles to stop the expansion of US military bases.

Luke Lee of Nodutdol, NYC based Korean-American peace and justice organization

@Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave btw Hoyt and Bond, downtown Brooklyn

Sponsor: Brooklyn For Peace

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Brooklynites March Against War on 16th Anniversary of War in Afghanistan

BROOKLYN, October 7, 2017 — Dozens of Brooklyn residents gathered at Barclays Center on Saturday October 7 to  mark the 16th anniversary of the  war in Afghanistan. Singing, chanting, and carrying signs protesting war and nuclear weapons, they marched through downtown Brooklyn before boarding the subway to join the city-wide  “March To End Our Endless Wars” in Washington Square Park and the Vigil for Yemen in Manhattan’s Union Square.

Organized by Brooklyn For Peace and Fort Greene Peace, the activists distributed flyers to passers-by along Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street urging people to call Congress demanding an end to U.S. participation in the wars throughout the Middle East that are causing high civilian casualties while failing to bring the region closer to peace and stability. (Click here to see the flyer.) Members of the Granny Peace Brigade, Green Party of Brooklyn, Military Families Speak Out/NYC, Peace Action New York State, War Resisters League/NYC, and World Can’t Wait also participated.

“These wars have turned functioning nations into wastelands, creating an enormous refugee crisis, and breeding hatred for the U.S. for the devastation its military has caused And here at home, the cost of fighting these wars, year after year after year, is draining funds from things that the American people need such as health care, mass transit, and education,” said Tara Currie, a member of Brooklyn For Peace.

If you agree with us that 16 years of war in Afghanistan are 16 years too many, join us to work for the elimination of war and the social and economic injustices that give rise to it. E-mail to find out how you can participate.

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