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Save the Brooklyn Commons: Sign Our Statement!

Save the Brooklyn Commons:

Sign Our Statement!

Brooklyn Commons, a venue which has provided meeting space and nurtured BFP as well as other progressive groups, is being threatened with a boycott. Learn more.

If you have questions, or if you agree and want to sign our statement, e-mail

Thousands Of New Yorkers March
To Defend Immigrants And Refugees
And To Say NO To Trump

Dec 18, 2016

Despite threats of heavy rain, thousands gathered at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on Manhattan’s East Side. It was a rally and march on National Immigrants Day called by a new coalition: The New York Immigrant Coalition.

One of the great Brooklyn For Peace signs. It connected the dots between war and refugees: cause and effect.
One of the great Brooklyn For Peace signs. It connected the dots between war and refugees: cause and effect.

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BFP’s Public Meeting—
A Big, Fat NO To Trump’s Agenda!

December 15, 2016

Close to a hundred people crowded into the Brooklyn Commons on a frigid winter night to attend a Brooklyn For Peace public meeting called to discuss the fight back needed in the face of Donald Trump’s election and the anticipated assault on civil liberties, peace and economic conditions that will result.

The audience was very attentive and participated in an interesting back and forth during the second half of the meeting.
The audience was very attentive and participated in an interesting back and forth during the second half of the meeting.

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Statement in Support of Brooklyn Commons and Melissa Ennen

We are extremely concerned about the threat to the Brooklyn Commons as a space which has housed and nurtured progressive groups, such as ours (see below for signers), as well as the personal attacks on the integrity of Melissa Ennen. This threat has arisen as a result of the controversy over her decision to allow Christopher Bollyn to speak at the Commons on Wednesday September 7. Since that time, we are aware that there is an effort to convince groups which use the space at the Commons to cancel events or even to move their offices out. Furthermore, rumors are being spread that Melissa herself holds anti-Semitic, racist or neo-Nazi views.

Melissa has made clear her commitment to the principle of free speech. (See Statement “Who We Are”  posted on Commons website) We may or may not agree with her about how this principle applies to a non-governmental space such as the Commons. However, her stand on this, and her decision to allow Bollyn to use the space, does NOT mean that she is in agreement with any of his ideas or views. We understand that there are progressive allies who consider it necessary to erect a “firewall” against speakers such as Bollyn, who promote anti-Semitism or white supremacy, often in subtle forms which may be initially difficult to distinguish. But we believe it is open to question whether these views can be counteracted most effectively by not allowing speakers such as Bollyn to speak, or by protesting outside his appearances, or by attending and challenging his statements during events at which he does speak. 

Many of us have known Melissa Ennen for as long as 14 years.  During that time, her actions have spoken louder than any words. Some of us met her in the aftermath of 9/11. She came to a Forum (January 2002) sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace attempting to mobilize community response to the disappearances of our Muslim neighbors, and their incarceration at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park.  She joined us at weekly demonstrations in Sunset Park for several months.  Nothing that she has ever said or done has in any way indicated that she has any sympathy for anti-Semitic, racist, or neo-Nazi views.

Since 2010 Melissa has worked tirelessly to develop the Brooklyn Commons as a community center and a home for progressive groups, offering office and working space, as well as space for events. This is an extremely important resource for all of us in Brooklyn. We can not allow it to be undermined or destroyed, or allow the questioning of Melissa Ennen’s integrity to remain unchallenged. 

Signed, as of January 13, 2017: (see below if you wish to add your name or the name of an organization)
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Thank You, Brooklyn For Peace,
Says Downstate Nurses Union.

Dec 13, 2016

Several Brooklyn For Peace members attended the holiday party of United University Professions, the union representing nurses and other staff members at Brooklyn’s Downstate Medical Center. Several years ago a battle raged there as the management threatened massive layoffs and shutdowns to this important and prestigious facility in the heart of the borough. The union rallied support by building a coalition of clergy and community groups. Brooklyn For Peace joined with the coalition, helped build support, handed out flyers, attended rallies and travelled to Albany to demand funding and full staffing of Downstate. The borough has been witness to the closing of a dozen medical institutions in recent years, the result of city and state cutbacks to the health care system.

UUP Treasurer, Rowena Blackman-Stroud, presents a plaque of appreciation to Brooklyn For Peace members Matthew Weinstein (center) and Bruce Altschuler. Altschuler is also a UUP member.

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Brooklyn Turns Out STRONG
To Welcome Refugees!

December 7, 2016

Over 160 people crowded into Fort Greene’s Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church to attend a forum titled, “The World-Wide Refugee Crisis: Syria and Beyond.” The event was sponsored by community peace and justice organizations, Fort Greene Peace and Brooklyn For Peace as well as the Lafayette Ave Presbyterian Church Social Justice Committee and Amnesty International USA.

The forum consisted of a panel of speakers with expertise on the subject, some of whom were refugees themselves.

The Panel of speakers with moderator, Cindy Sibilsky, at Wednesday night's forum on refugees.
The Panel of speakers with moderator, Cindy Sibilsky, at Wednesday night’s forum on refugees.

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