Support Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act (HR 1299)

BFP Board voted for Brooklyn For Peace to add our name as an organizational sponsor in support of the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act (HR 1299.) (See below)

Brooklyn Reps Nydia Velazquez and Carolyn Maloney are both co-sponsors! If you’re in their district, please reach out to thank them. We need the other Brooklyn reps (Clarke, Jeffries, and Donovan) to sign on as well. If you’re in their district, please contact them and ask them to add their names. It’s important!

This bill states: “The Honduran police are widely established to be deeply corrupt and to commit human rights abuses, including torture, rape, illegal detention, and murder, with impunity” and that the military has committed violations of human rights, and therefore asks that the United States suspend all “…security assistance to Honduran military and police until such time as human rights violations by Honduran state security forces cease and their perpetrators are brought to justice.”

The bill features the following demands:

All U.S. aid to Honduran security forces must cease, and the U.S. must vote no on all loans from multinational development banks to Honduras until the following conditions are met:

– A full investigation and prosecution into the murders of Berta Cáceres, 100 small-farmer activists in the Aguán Valley, Joel Palacios Lino and Elvis Armando García.

– A full investigation and prosecution of the armed attack against Félix Molina.

– A full investigation and prosecution of those members of the Honduran military and police forces who have committed human rights abuses.

– That the Honduran military withdraw from domestic policing.

– That the rights of “…land rights defenders; trade unionists; journalists; Indigenous, Afro-Indigenous, small farmer and LGBTI activists; human rights defenders; critics of the government; and other civil society activists…” are protected.

– Take steps toward establishing the rule of law and strong democratic systems such as a functioning judiciary branch capable of prosecuting member of the military and police forces.

For more info on HR 1299, check out this short video:  

For more info on the 2009 coup in Honduras, check out this short video:

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July 19, 2017