Thank You, Brooklyn For Peace,
Says Downstate Nurses Union.

Dec 13, 2016

Several Brooklyn For Peace members attended the holiday party of United University Professions, the union representing nurses and other staff members at Brooklyn’s Downstate Medical Center. Several years ago a battle raged there as the management threatened massive layoffs and shutdowns to this important and prestigious facility in the heart of the borough. The union rallied support by building a coalition of clergy and community groups. Brooklyn For Peace joined with the coalition, helped build support, handed out flyers, attended rallies and travelled to Albany to demand funding and full staffing of Downstate. The borough has been witness to the closing of a dozen medical institutions in recent years, the result of city and state cutbacks to the health care system.

UUP Treasurer, Rowena Blackman-Stroud, presents a plaque of appreciation to Brooklyn For Peace members Matthew Weinstein (center) and Bruce Altschuler. Altschuler is also a UUP member.

At the festive and well-attended holiday party, BFP members were taken by surprise, but also┬ávery moved, when UUP state Treasurer, Rowena Blackman-Stroud, made an announcement and then presented our organization with a holiday gift package and a plaque of appreciation for our group’s solidarity work on behalf of the Downstate workers. We returned the good wishes by pledging our continued support as we strive to connect the two issues: overstuffed war budgets and militarism take their toll in our communities with cutbacks, layoffs and curtailment of urgently needed services such as hospitals, libraries and schools. Our demand: Cut the war budget. Bring our war dollars home to our communities!

The plaque of appreciation from UUP to Brooklyn For Peace.

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