Follow up to NYC Millions March/Black Lives Matter!
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Follow up to Millions March/NYC: Black Lives Matter!

Play and to learn song from the Peace Poets:

“I still hear my brother crying ‘I can’t breathe’…
Now I’m in the struggle crying “I can’t leave’ “

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Resources for educating ourselves:
“We Don’t Just Need Nicer Cops. We Need Fewer Cops.” W
hat we actually know about proposed police reforms:
by Alex Vitale in The Nation Dec 4, 2014 (Alex Vitale is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College)

“Blue Lives Matter.” Talking about “police reform” obscures the task. Today’s policies are, at the very least, the product of democratic will.
by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic Dec 22, 2014Town Hall on Stop & Frisk:  Panel (Nov 12, 2013) featuring Joan Gibbs  (Center for Law & Social Justice,) Letitia James (newly elected Public Advocate), Kevin Powell (BK Nation,( Bob Gangji (Police Reform Organizing Project,) and Chauniquia Young (Center for Constitutional Rights). Sponsored by Fort Greene Peace; co-sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace.

Racial Justice Requires Racial Solidarity!
Sat Dec 13 March in Brooklyn: Brooklyn For Peace with Fort Greene Peace and other Brooklynites:
Join us as we march in solidarity with communities of color, who have borne the brunt of mass criminalization.
We cannot achieve racial justice without the support of those who have benefited from a system of racialized oppression.
This is our chance to take action to challenge the criminal justice systems that are at the center of maintaining racial inequality.

See Why Are We Marching? BFP Statement on Police Killings

BFP Statement on Police Killings

The police killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Akai Gurley are the most recent examples of the long, brutal history of racial oppression in the US.  Our hearts go out to the families of these young black men, one of them only 12 years old.  We are horrified by the systemic racism of our “justice” system. The tremendous outpouring of protest throughout the country and even the world serves as public indictment of the system which does not even bring to trial the perpetrators of these crimes, modern-day lynchings.

An increasingly militarized police force oppresses not only black but also Hispanic, white, Muslim, South Asian, and other communities. It is the domestic counterpart of our foreign policy in which whole countries are subjugated to violence. This systemic racism in our police and justice system is the mirror image of our illegal wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, where thousands of completely innocent civilians have been killed in the so-called “war on terror.”

Brooklyn For Peace is committed to eliminating war and the social and economic injustices which lead to war. We see the racist bias of our criminal justice system, alarming environmental destruction, the widening wealth gap, the gentrification of our city centers, the privatization of our public schools, and the decaying infrastructure of the country—as issues which are connected, and which must be urgently addressed. Black lives matter! All lives matter! All families matter, and need the resources to thrive!

See Why Are We Marching? BFP Statement on Police Killings as a PDF document.

Also formatted as a half-page flye: .Why We March half-page flyer