50th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington

On the 50th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington, Dr. King’s dream is yet to be fulfilled. Fifty years later we marched on Washington again–For Peace! For Jobs! For Justice!

Read more about the event and listen to the speeches on Democracy Now! Read more about the event “Seeing ‘New Jim Crow’ Placards Seized by Police & More From the March on Washington.”

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In state after state, voting rights are being restricted. And the recent murder of Trayvon Martin and miscarriage of justice in Florida show that the just society for which Dr. King gave his life has not been achieved. Congress is cutting vital public programs and blocking any action to create jobs. At the same time it’s spending billions for unjust wars and bloated Pentagon budgets. Dr. King’s words are as relevant today as they were during the Vietnam war:

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.”

On August 24, thousands convened on Washington DC on August 24th to make history and to make our voices heard—Jobs not wars, Stop the attack on voting rights, End racial profiling, Defeat ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, Stop the layoffs and cuts to our public services! Make Dr. King’s dream a reality!

Visit http://officialmlkdream50.com/ or www.nationalactionnetwork.net for more information about the event.

Download this Brooklyn For Peace flyer here.

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Peace Poster Links for March on Washington from United for Peace and Justice:

Please download and use for Aug 23.