Response to massacre in Newtown, Connecticut

With last week’s overwhelmingly sad and tragic news of gun violence in Newtown, Connecticut, leaving 27 people dead, including 20 young children, we are reminded of the urgency of our joining together to make America and our world a safer place for all. We applaud the President’s commitment to take immediate action for gun control, and to reduce the level of violence in our society. We look forward to his leadership. We also join with New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and a groundswell of our fellow Americans from all walks of life, in an urgent call for legislative action.

Gun Control legislation is necessary but it’s only the first step: Join Brooklyn For Peace to work for the elimination of the social and economic injustices which cause war. Proliferation of guns is directly related to the out-of-control defense industry. Guns which end up on the streets are manufactured by the same companies which manufacture weapons for the U.S. military.

 The U.S. military is the world’s largest consumer of fossil fuels – a major factor in climate change. If climate change continues unaddressed, it will continue to create conditions that generate global conflict, such as famine, scarce resources and climate refugees. It will also continue to wreak havoc here at home with droughts and extreme weather events. Confronting climate change allows us to move to a green economy, which in turn will result in real sustainable jobs.

The U.S. military contributes to the culture of violence, with images of violence everywhere in our society. We need to create an alternative culture of peace.

Join Brooklyn For Peace and over 95 other national and local organizations in the JOBS NOT WARS campaign.
Urge the President and Congress to address budget deficits and build real national security by:

  • Increasing taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations.
  • Ending the war in Afghanistan NOW!
  • Redirecting our nation’s resources from the military to social programs and public services, including adequate mental health services
  • Creating good jobs and affordable housing as part of a sustainable economy while addressing issues of climate change and the environment.

Here’s how YOU can take part in the JOBS NOT WARS campaign:

Pass the link on to your contact lists and friends.
Send the petition link to your personal contact list–let’s make it go viral!
Get your organization to endorse and promote the campaign.

Not everyone has access to a computer.
Return completed petitions to:
BFP at PMB 106, 41 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn NY 11201

After endorsing, send the petition to your members asking them to sign.

Work with our Peace and Economic Justice Committee!
Next meeting: Thursday January 10, 7 pm.
E-mail or call 718-624-5921 for confirmation and location.