Say No to War Against Iran!
Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone in the Middle East!
Sign the Iran Pledge of Resistance

Sign the Iran Pledge of Resistance initiated by United for Peace and Justice.

Brooklyn For Peace is one of the endorsing organizations and calls for:
No War Against Iran! Nuclear Free Weapons Zone in the Middle East!

The time to stop the senseless march to war with Iran is NOW!
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Brooklyn For Peace calls on our government to:

  1. Pursue diplomacy rather than threatening military confrontation. Establish diplomatic relations with Iran, which the U.S. has not had since 1979.
  2. Discourage Israel from attacking Iran. The U.S. would be held responsible for such an attack.
  3. De-escalate rhetoric. Talk of “red lines”, “all options on the table”, and “regime change” will only encourage Iran to move towards a nuclear weapons program, and will unite Iranians behind the current regime.
  4. Dismantle the sanctions and economic boycott. Don’t strangle the Iranian economy. The sanctions are having the effect of subsidizing Iran’s other customers, such as India and China, and providing them with a competitive edge against the U.S. economy.
  5. Pursue genuine efforts to establish a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East. Support the upcoming UN Conference on a Middle East Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone. Reinstate the policy forbidding partners in Nuclear Cooperation Agreements from producing their own nuclear fuel.

Read BFP’s statements:

Additional action you can take:

Both our New York Senators (Schumer and Gillibrand) have signed on to a dangerous resolution (S. Res. 380) which rejects diplomacy and calls for a military attack on Iran once it is concluded that Iran has a “nuclear weapons capability” (which is subject to varying definitions.) Its inflammatory language pressures the President to choose war rather than diplomacy. This Resolution is still pending, in the Committee on Foreign Relations. In the House, (H.Res. 568) with a similar intent passed on May 17, with the entire Brooklyn Congressional delegation voting in favor. Although this is not binding legislation, the effect will be to push the President toward military action rather than more robust diplomacy as a solution.

Join Brooklyn For Peace to work work against this tendency towards  a military solution.

Call your Senators and Representatives: 855-NO-WAR (855–686-6927)
Toll-free number provided by the Friends Committee on National Legislation

Tell our elected officials:

  • War is an unacceptable response to whatever threat Iran’s nuclear program might pose (and we don’t even know for sure what it is.) These resolutions are dangerous and lead to a slippery slope towards war.
  • Demand that they rescind their co-sponsorship and vote “NO” when these bills come to the floor.

If you can’t get through on the phone, use e-mail via their website for Schumer or Gillibrand.
If Ed Towns or Jerry Nadler represent you, let them know you’re outraged that they have signed on.
If Clarke, Grimm, Turner, or Velasquez represents you, urge them NOT to sign on to H.Res. 568.

For more information choose from list below:

Contact officials local phone and fax numbers.
Text and status of S. Res. 380
Text and status of H.Res. 568

Analysis: Why is there a push towards war?