Say NO! to Sanctions Against Iran!
Sanctions are NOT AN ALTERNATIVE to War!
Sanctions Are War by Other Means!

On Sunday, July 1, 2012 the European Union, backed by the United States, launched a potentially crippling oil embargo against the Iranian people. This follows escalating U.S. sanctions that as of June 28 further punish any business with Iran’s Central Bank and further decimate the country’s capacity to make financial transactions. The Iranian people are already suffering and resisting the grave impact of sanctions and the Iranian government’s economic policies as they face rising prices in food, medicine, and other basic needs. Click here to inform yourself about BFP’s position on addressing issues with Iran.

Sanctions are NOT an alternative to war.
Sanctions are war by other means.
Sanctions are collective punishment.
They are an assault on the lives and aspirations of the Iranian people, including their aspirations and struggle against state repression to create a meaningfully democratic and just society.
We must not be silent!
Say No to War Against Iran!
Call for a Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone in the Middle East!
Sign the Iran Pledge of Resistance. Inform yourself on this issue.

On Sunday July 1, Brooklyn For Peace joined Havaar (Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions & State Repression) and other groups to protest at the U.S., French, British, and German Embassies to the United Nations. Members of Havaar spoke about the impact of the sanctions on the Iranian people and read testimonies from Iranians.

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