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An Informative Evening
With Author Partha Banerjee

Jun 1, 2018—
It was an evening to remember!

Dr. Partha Banerjee has just published a new book: “Music Box and Moonshine” and we gathered to hear him talk about it and then read one of the chapters. A lively conversation followed the reading.

The book is a collection of 18 short stories from the rich collection of literature originating in Bengal, India, Banerjee’s birthplace. This body of writing is largely unknown in the West and the book will be an eye-opener showing the high quality and depth of the writing from that part of the world. The stories that Dr. Banerjee selected and translated, shine a strong light on the great hardships that people of that land have suffered. These include famine, war, political upheavals and natural disasters. The reading was generously hosted by Jaki and Henry Florsheim in their building’s Media Room, a cozy little space that made for an intimate get-together. The evening was sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace. Partha Banerjee and his wife, Mukti, are long-standing members.

The book is available on Amazon here:

Dr. Banerjee led off with some introductory remarks, giving context to the selection of 18 Bengalese stories that he translated for his new book: “Music Box And Moonshine.”
Jaki Florsheim who hosted the evening’s event along with her husband Henry, introduces the night’s featured speaker, Dr. Paratha Banerjee.
Part of the group that attended Banerjee’s book reading.
Partha Banerjee read from his new book, “Music Box And mond Shine.”
The book is available on Amazon. Go here to see the offer:

The BFP Table At Brooklyn’s Fabulous Fifth
Street Fair – A Smashing Success!

May 21, 2018
—A smashing success: the Brooklyn For Peace table at the Fabulous Fifth street fair. On a hot and humid Sunday, tens of thousands strolled the length of the fair which runs on Brooklyn’s popular Fifth Avenue from Sterling Place to Twelfth Street. Brooklyn For Peace was there with flyers (close to 1,000 were handed out), peace buttons and our famous Penny Poll which asks participants: How do you want your taxes spent? For war (Congress allocates over 60 percent of the annual discretionary budget to war spending) or on the things that Brooklyn needs and wants: affordable housing, decent 21st century public schools, a subway that works, jobs programs to put people to work and health care for all.

Take a look at some photos from yesterday’s scene. GO HERE

Thousands jamned Fifth Avenue for the annual Fabulous Fifth Street Fair. And Brooklyn For Peace was there!



Film Showing of ‘A Brilliant Genocide’
Exposes U.S. Supported Horror in Uganda

May 16, 2018—

It was a film that hit you like a punch to the gut.

Last night’s showing of “A Brilliant Genocide,” to a gathering at the Brooklyn Commons, presented a stark contrast to the propaganda film, KONY 2012. The latter has been shown in the U.S.and depicted President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda as the leader of a “war on terrorism” against the violent rebel leader Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Organized by Brooklyn For Peace and the United African Congress, and co-sponsored by Fort Greene Peace, the film showing was accompanied by two expert speakers on Uganda. The evening was opened up by BFP’s TARA CURRIE, who then introduced the evening’s moderator, BFP’s Board member, DR. MOHAMMED NURHUSSEIN, who is also National Chair of the United African Congress. Nurhussein made introductory remarks and introduced the two speakers who spoke and fielded questions from the audience.

Milton Allimadi and Helen Epstein entertained questions from the audience at last night’s forum and film showing.

First to speak was HELEN EPSTEIN, author of “Another Fine Mess: America, Uganda, and the War on Terror;” Epstein is Professor of Human Rights and Global Public Health at Bard College.

The next speaker was MILTON ALLIMADIi, Ugandan-born, publisher of the Black Star News and Professor of African History at John Jay College. Allimadi spoke of the tragedy of Uganda and deplored the lack of attention given to horrific wars and atrocities in Africa which he attributed to ignorance but also to lack of sympathy for the lives of black Africans.

A common theme of both speakers was the role played by the United States which arms and funds despots throughout Africa in order to protect its corporate interests. These dictators suppress local opposition, often by means of torture and murder which developed into full-scale genocide in Uganda under Museveni.

The film graphically depicts, through interviews with survivors and film footage, the horrific facts of the genocide that took place since Museveni seized power in 1986. In the years since then, he has engaged in a brutal effort to wipe out Uganda’s Acholi people, who live in the northern region of the country. His attacks have included raping men and women and torturing and murdering the populations of entire villages. His troops burned people’s homes and routinely threw villagers of all ages into pits to be burned alive. In addition, under Museveni’s orders over two million people have either forcibly been removed from their farming villages into horrendous concentration camps or killed if they fail to evacuate within 24-hour notice.

A Q & A followed the speakers’ remarks.

For a fuller account of the evening, read this report by BFP’s Ann Fawcett Ambia:

See photos from last night’s forum HERE.

What can we do?  As a first step, sign this petition on E-mail us at at if you can work with our Darfur/Africa task force.

Mon 5/14, 5 pm: Nakba Day 2018:

Mon 5/14, 5 pm: Nakba Day 2018:
Rally and March for 70 Years of Resistance!
Join our allies in the Arab American Association of New York and others in this Palestinian-led event, in the historically Arab neighborhood of Bay Ridge.
72nd St and 5th Ave, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
See it on Facebook (Note: This FB post gives the names and ages of 50 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the recent weeks of the Great Return Match)
See BFP Statement:
Support the Right of the Palestinian People to Rally, Resist, and Return!

New Yorkers Saying
We Don’t Want Another War!
Rally to Defend Iran Treaty.

May 11, 2018
— A lively demonstration demanding peace with Iran and warning against Trump’s abrogation of the Iran accord, was held in NY’s Washington Square tonight. Though relatively small, it attracted wide attention by people gathered in the park. Chants rang out “No war on Iran! We need a war on poverty not another disastrous Mid East war!” And then melodious songs of peace attracted even more attention as accordionist Paul Stein led the singing with his instrument ring out loud and clear throughout the park.

Speaker after speaker demanded that Congress fulfill its Constitutional responsibility and stand up to Trump’s dangerous attack on peace, warning of the very real danger of a nuclear conflict, either by design or simply by miscalculation.

The rally is only the beginning of a series of actions, badly needed to awaken the American people to the real danger of the moment. The event was sponsored by Peace Action New York State Action NYS and supported by Brooklyn For Peace. Both groups were represented by speakers.

For more photos of today’s rally, see our Facebook page HERE.

Wed, May 16th, 7pm: Secret U.S. Wars in Africa:
From KONY2012 to Museveni2018
Film-Screening: “A Brilliant Genocide” with Q & A

Join us on Wednesday, May 16th at 7pm at the Brooklyn Commons Cafe for a film screening and Q&A.

What don’t we know about the secret US military involvement all over Africa in support of authoritarian regimes?
Join us for a screening and Q&A of A Brilliant Genocide (1 hour version). This award-winning documentary tells the part of the Ugandan tragedy selectively left out of the
KONY2012 propaganda video.

Q&A with:

  • Milton Allimadi, Ugandan-born, publisher of the Black Star News, professor of African History at John Jay College
  • Helen Epstein, author of “Another Fine Mess: America, Uganda, and the War on Terror” and Professor of Human Rights and Global Public Health, Bard College

WHEN: Wednesday, May 16th,7 pm
WHERE:  Brooklyn Commons,388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (downtown Brooklyn, between Hoyt and Bond

Sponsor: Brooklyn For Peace
Co-Sponsors: Fort Greene Peace; United African Congress

Admission Free!

Facebook event here.