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Refugees Are Welcome Here!
Join Our Poster Campaign!

Join BFP to help put up posters in our neighborhoods!
We’ve found that local merchants are very willing to participate.
E-mail to get posters or to go out with our team.

WHEN: At your convenience
WHERE: Wherever you can imagine

Email for more info and to get involved.

Poster by Micah Bazant & JVP Artist Council


Why do we say “Refugees are welcome here”?

Because it’s the right thing to do and because our country bears much responsibility for the current crisis.
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WED July 6: Demand that Cuomo Rescind Executive Order Blacklisting Institutions That Support BDS

Join us in this important action!
March to Governor Cuomo’s home in Mount Kisco to demand he rescind unconstitutional executive order that blacklists institutions which support BDS  (See BFP Statement on the Executive Order)

6:00 PM     Assemble at the Mt. Kisco Metro North Station

6:20 PM     March to Gov. Cuomo’s Home from the train station

The march to Gov. Cuomo’s home will take 20 – 30 minutes.
We will be marching West on Route 133 or Millwood Road.
Please let us know if you are unable to march and need a ride to Gov. Cuomo’s home.

RSVP requested to  Include your name, the name of your organization if any, and how many people will be coming
The New York State Coalition for the Freedom to Boycott will provide signs, song sheets and chants.
To read more about Governor Cuomo’s order, visit:
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Brooklyn For Peace Condemns Cuomo Exec Order Re Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

Brooklyn For Peace Condemns Cuomo Executive Order Re Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

Brooklyn For Peace condemns Executive Order 157 issued by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, prohibiting state agencies from doing business with institutions and companies that engage in or support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel. His order will create a “blacklist” of institutions and companies that engage in any ”boycott, divestment, or sanctions activity targeting Israel, either directly or through a parent or subsidiary” as a tactic to support and defend Palestinian human rights. We call on the governor to rescind his Executive Order without delay.
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Peace And Pride—The BFP Table
At The Brooklyn PRIDE Fair

Jun 11, 2016

For quite a few years, Brooklyn For Peace members have staffed a table at the annual Brooklyn PRIDE street fair. This year the fair was held on Brooklyn’s busy Fifth Avenue. People strolled down the thoroughfare celebrating  LGBT justice and equality.

The table attracted lots of visitors who signed petitions, purchased buttons and took our “Refugees Are Welcome Here” posters to place in their windows. The campaign is  designed to counter the anti-immigrant anti-refugee poison that has been spewed during this presidential campaign by stating Brooklyn’s welcome to people fleeing horrific violence and war.

We also asked people to take our popular Penny Poll. Using a series of transparent tubes mounted in a box and labeled with different spending categories from the Federal budget that’s decided each year by Congress, we ask people “How do you want your tax dollars used? We give each person 20 pennies to allocate based on their spending priorities. “Would you like to go for war or affordable housing or schools? Overwhelmingly, Brooklyn residents design a budget that favors spending for human needs over war. This, of course, is in sharp contrast to what Congress does with our tax dollars each year, giving the Pentagon close to 60 percent of the discretionary budget. Education, by contrast, receives only six percent.

If you’d like to help Brooklyn For Peace at this summer’s street fair tables, send us an email  by clicking here.

Check out more photos of today’s table here.

Many people participated in Brooklyn For Peace's popular Penny Poll.
Many people participated in Brooklyn For Peace’s popular Penny Poll.

To Avoid Another War—
We’re Keeping Up The Pressure On Congress

Feb 24, 2016

As part of a follow-up to our petition campaign this autumn, in which Brooklyn For Peace members collected over 700 signatures on petitions, the Peace And Economic Justice committtee of BFP has been requesting meetings with Brooklyn House members. The petitions were sent to the Congress members as well as to our two U.S. Senators and President Obama. Collected over just a few weekends in September, the signers demanded that the U.S. use diplomacy and negotiations instead of war  to solve the festering crisis in the Mid-East that has the potential to ignite the whole region and beyond.

Our first meeting was with Congress Member Yvette Clarke and we were greeted with a friendly and favorable response. Clarke told us she was in agreement with all the points on the petition, a copy of which can be viewed or signed online HERE.

The Brooklyn For Peace delegation to Congressmember Yvette Clarke's office (a new office, just opened) on Lennox Road in Brooklyn.
The Brooklyn For Peace delegation to Congressmember Yvette Clarke’s office (a new office, just opened) on Lennox Road in Brooklyn. Left to right: Bruce Altschuler, Jane Kurinsky, Rep. Yvette Clarke, Matthew Weinstein and Sam Koprak

We began the meeting by expressing our gratitude for her vote in favor of the Iran nuclear deal. We told her she had done “the right thing” in supporting the President’s quest for a diplomatic solution to disagreements with Iran even in the face of venemous vocal protests on the part of some of her constituents who supported more sanctions on Iran and a muscular military approach.

Besides expressing our grave concern about the administration’s sending of more and more U.S.  troops to Syria and Iraq (a slippery slope of incremental escalation) and calls by GOP candidates and legislators and some Democratic lawmakers for more military involvement there, we also asked Clarke about raising her voice in the House on the question of welcoming the Syrian refugees because we felt the United States has made a tepid, indeed minuscule offer to accept refugees compared to other countries. We also urged a campaign and to call a Town Hall meeting to “put Brooklyn on the map” as a haven for refugees who are fleeing death and destruction in their homeland. She said she would certainly consider it and agreed when we said that shining a light on Brooklyn’s welcoming stance would have a national impact beyond the borders of our borough.

Finally, we asked her about opposing the latest Pentagon war budget that has just been presented. It calls for almost $600 billion for war and weapons. She indicated that she would most likely be voting NO on it as she has done consistently over the years of her tenure. She said she sees these bloated budgets as promoting a militaristic approach to foreign policy, something she very much opposes, adding that it robs her constituents of tax dollars that are urgently needed at home to solve pressing problems. We thanked the Representative for meeting with us and spending time on these important questions and came away with a very positive feeling about her and her positions on war and peace.

A meeting is now scheduled with Brooklyn Rep, Hakeem Jeffries for March 7th and delegations to the other members are in the works. If you live in Jeffries’ district and would like to participate in the delegation please conctact Fort Greene Peace at


Action Alert: Right to Boycott Threatened by NY State Legislation!

Recent legislation (S6378a) which was rushed through the NY State Senate and now coming up in the NY Assembly (A9036) threatens our constitutionally protected right to boycott. If passed, this legislation would require that New York not do business or grant contracts to individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations which boycott a country (or companies based in that country) from a list of “allied nations” (including Israel.) For example it would bar United Methodist Churches from contracting with NY State to run homeless shelters and soup kitchens because the church supports the boycott of Israeli settlement goods. It will also require that NY State divest its holdings from any corporation which boycotts an “allied nation.”

This is a frightening attack on the our right to use boycott as an important form of political expression, protected by the First Amendment (as upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in the important case NAACP v Claiborne Hardware Company.)

Your action now is important to prevent this bill from becoming law. Use this link to contact your Assembly member, asking that they oppose A9036.  The link will also identify who represents you in the NY State Assembly, and give you their phone number. In addition to e-mail, a phone call is very important. Ask to speak with the rep’s legislative staff or key staff person.

Please e-mail to let us know that you took action, and who represents you in the NY Assembly.