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SUN April 26, 1 pm:
Join us to say NO NUKES!!

Sunday, April 26, 1 pm:
Join us to say NO NUKES!!
1 pm RALLY: Union Square North:
Look for BFP in front of Barnes and Noble
2 pm: MARCH to the United Nations
3-6 pm: FESTIVAL at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
(E. 47th St and 2nd Ave)
Join activists from around the world, with over a thousand from Japan, including Hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) to demand a nuclear-free, peaceful, just, and sustainable world.
Click here for flyer which you can print and post or distribute in your neighborhood.

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No Nukes! … A Discussion In Brooklyn

Apr 14, 2015

Some seventy residents filed into the Brooklyn Friends meeting hall on Schermerhorn Street last night to hear speakers discuss the twin specters of the age we live in: nuclear weapons and their proliferation and nuclear energy and the threat it poses as solutions to climate change are sought.

Joseph Gerson, activist and author,
speaking at last night’s forum. To see
all of last night’s photos, go

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On Iran: Call Sen Gillibrand!!
Her vote to support diplomacy is crucial!

On Iran: Call Sen Gillibrand!
Washington: Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121 NY: 212-688-6262
Let her know:
*You strongly support diplomacy with Iran and you want her to oppose S. 615.
* You object to efforts by the Israeli government and its associated lobbyists to determine American national security policy.
* You support a nuclear-free Middle East
E-mail us at to let us know that you called.

Here’s why it’s so important:

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BFP Urges Congress to Reject Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF)

Noting with alarm and dismay President Obama’s request for legislation Authorizing for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) to legitimize the use of military force in the Middle East, Brooklyn For Peace calls on the elected officials who represent us in Wasnington to reject this request.

In the past year, we have held four public forums with speakers who are experts on foreign policy and issues of the Middle East. One event specifically addressed the question of how the U.S. should respond to ISIS. Based on these events and ongoing reading and discussion, we feel that the AUMF will perpetuate a militarized foreign policy which has produced disastrous results during the fourteen years of the War on Terror, and it will make the US less safe.

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Check out NSA Listening Party! – Arts & Culture’s First CD!

That’s right! Arts & Culture recently release a compilation CD! NSA Listening Party! An art in the community project presented by Charity Case and Brooklyn For Peace.

1.nsa_COVER_440 This album was inspired by the Edward Snowden leaks. It features 14 wonderful artists, 12 who are based right here in Brooklyn.

The concept of the CD is around the idea that the NSA was or at least could be listening, so why not give them something to listen to. Let’s make it a party! Are they monitoring…our conversations, communications, locations, gyrations and good vibrations? Then turn up the monitor!!!!!


To get a copy, become a member of Brooklyn For Peace at the $30 level!

Or for small donation (suggested $2-5), we will send one to you. (In instructions to merchant box, indicate that this donation is for the CD). Click here to donate. Email us for more info!

All proceeds support the peace and justice work of Brooklyn For Peace.

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“Take on Hate” Campaign
Join Arab American Association of NY

Mourn the Murder of 3 Muslim Students in North Carolina.

On Fri Feb 13, a Vigil in Bay Ridge Mourned the Murder of the 3 Muslim Students in North Carolina

This vigil was organized by the Arab American Association of New York, the Muslim Community Network, Muslim American Society, Council on American-Islamic Relations, American Muslims for Palestine, and the Islamic Leadership Council of Metro New York

Now let’s join the  TAKE ON HATE Campaign, calling upon all Americans to address the current acceptability of prejudice toward Arab and Muslim Americans, and to stand up for change.
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