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Calendar of Events

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Current Activities

Follow up to NYC Millions March/Black Lives Matter!
Actions You Can Takein Brooklyn and lower Manhattan

SCROLL DOWN FOR ACTIONS  in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan  TONIGHT and in next few days

Follow up to Millions March/NYC: Black Lives Matter!

Play and to learn song from the Peace Poets:

“I still hear my brother crying ‘I can’t breathe’…
Now I’m in the struggle crying “I can’t leave’ ”

Fri, December 19, 4pm – 6pm

Justice for Ramarley Graham!
@ 1 St Andrews Plaza (off Foley Square), Manhattan
(Dept of Justice)

**Sat Dec. 20,4-7 pm:
“Breaking Broken Windows ” Townhall and Open Mic
Coalition to End Broken Windows;
Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP)
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followed by:
7-11 pm:

NYC Solidarity with Palestine’s 2nd Open Mic
@ Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew, 520 Clinton Ave btw Atlantic & Fulton, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
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**Stay in touch! Check out:
Police Reform Organizing Project (calendar)
11 Days of Action/This Stops Today
Ferguson Action
Stop Mass Incarceration Network (includes statement from Cornell West)
NYC/Millions March
Fort Greene Peace Facebook
Brooklyn For Peace Facebook (see photos from Sat Dec 13)

Racial Justice Requires Racial Solidarity!
Join us as we march in solidarity with communities of color, who have borne the brunt of mass criminalization.
We cannot achieve racial justice without the support of those who have benefited from a system of racialized oppression.
This is our chance to take action to challenge the criminal justice systems that are at the center of maintaining racial inequality.

See Why Are We Marching? BFP Statement on Police Killings

BFP Statement on Police Killings

The police killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Akai Gurley are the most recent examples of the long, brutal history of racial oppression in the US.  Our hearts go out to the families of these young black men, one of them only 12 years old.  We are horrified by the systemic racism of our “justice” system. The tremendous outpouring of protest throughout the country and even the world serves as public indictment of the system which does not even bring to trial the perpetrators of these crimes, modern-day lynchings.

An increasingly militarized police force oppresses not only black but also Hispanic, white, Muslim, South Asian, and other communities. It is the domestic counterpart of our foreign policy in which whole countries are subjugated to violence. This systemic racism in our police and justice system is the mirror image of our illegal wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, where thousands of completely innocent civilians have been killed in the so-called “war on terror.”

Brooklyn For Peace is committed to eliminating war and the social and economic injustices which lead to war. We see the racist bias of our criminal justice system, alarming environmental destruction, the widening wealth gap, the gentrification of our city centers, the privatization of our public schools, and the decaying infrastructure of the country—as issues which are connected, and which must be urgently addressed. Black lives matter! All lives matter! All families matter, and need the resources to thrive!

See Why Are We Marching? BFP Statement on Police Killings as a PDF document.

Also formatted as a half-page flye: .Why We March half-page flyer

Marching For Justice in NYC

Dec 14, 2014

Brooklyn For Peace and Fort Greene Peace, as well as friends and allies, gathered at the Barclay’s Arena yesterday at noon. From there, several dozen marched up Flatbush Avenue and down Fulton Street with signs that remembered the many neighbors who have been killed over the years in Brooklyn by police infected with the virus of racism. The marchers then boarded the subway, bound for Manhattan’s Washington Square to join the tens of thousands assembled there for the massive march that transformed the day into one for the history books.

Brooklyn For Peace sign; "Indict, Convict, Punish."

The march was a historic outpouring  — thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets demanding an end to racist police violence and seeking justice for those who died at the hands of officers who are never held accountable for their illegal actions.
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Palestinian olive oil: a perfect holiday gift!

During this holiday season, give gifts of Palestinian olive oil as a way to initiate conversation with friends and family about conditions in Palestine.

Support Palestinian farmers and families by purchasing fairly-traded olive oil from small farmer cooperatives in the West Bank.
Purchasing and giving Palestinian Olive Oil is a constructive and tangible way in which we can help to alleviate poverty and build peace.

How to purchase:
Price: $15 per 500 ml bottle. A portion of the purchase price is donated to tree replanting and other development projects in the West Bank. Proceeds also support the ongoing peace and justice work of Brooklyn For Peace.=

Pick up in Boerum Hill or Park Slope:
To arrange for pick-up times and locations, contact us at, or call 718-624-5921. (Sorry, we cannot mail to you.)
Provide your name, phone number, email, and desired number of bottles, and where you prefer to pick up your order (Boerum Hill orPark Slope). We will confirm your order, and set a date/time for you to pick up.
If you can’t pick up, we can arrange delivery. Email us or call 718-624-5921.
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Brooklyn For Peace Turns Thirty — And We Celebrate!
Gala Honors Noam Chomsky As PathMaker To Peace.

Nov 15, 2014

Oh what a night! An evening to come together, to celebrate, to find old friends, to eat and drink, to listen, to ask, to learn. An evening to remember!
See the Press Release

It was Brooklyn For Peace’s annual Pathmakers To Peace gala and there were two very good reasons for the gathering of several hundred people to be there –

First, they came to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of Brooklyn For Peace, a most remarkable organization that has been been fighting the good fight for peace and justice for three decades and that is declaring its readiness to continue that struggle as long as the plagues of war, inequality, economic distress, environmental deterioration and social injustice require its attention.

Secondly, they came to witness our Pathmaker To Peace award, this year given to honor the life-long work of  Noam Chomsky, one of the brilliant minds of our times: linguistics professor, scientist, social critic and fierce advocate for peace and social justice.

Pathmaker To Peace honoree, Noam Chomsky, addresses an
eenthusiastic crowd at Brooklyn For Peace’s annual gala.
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Forum In Fort Greene Examines
ISIS, Syria, Iraq & U.S. War.

Nov 11, 2014

Over sixty people crowded into the historic Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Fort Greene for a forum on Syria, Iraq, ISIS and U.S. military involvement in, what could be, a new ‘endless’ war in the region.

The forum featured three speakers who presented their views and talked about the history that has led to the present crisis there. After the presentations, the audience was invited to participate in a question and answer session.

The forum was initiated by Fort Greene Peace and co-sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace. Ed Goldman of Fort Greene Peace welcomed the guests and Melissa Corbett , BFP’s Program Coordinator, facilitated the event.


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Brooklyn For Peace Goes All Out for UNICEF
In Park Slope’s Halloween Parade!

Oct 31, 2014

Thanks to the hard work of BFP’s UNICEF Committee and its chair, Monroe Allison, a team of volunteers staffed tables at five different locations in Brooklyn’s popular Park Slope Halloween Parade. As thousands thronged the neighborhood’s streets, they were greeted by UNICEF tables where BFPers handed out the well-known orange collection boxes. Parents and kids took the boxes and trick or treated by asking for donations so that “kids could help other kids all over the world.”

Hawking the boxes, which were taken eagerly, one volunteer shouted out “Parents — here’s a wonderful lesson to impart to your kids on Halloween. Have them collect money so that UNICEF can help children the world over who are suffering from war, poverty and hunger.”



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