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Current Activities

Save the Date: Pathmakers to Peace with Amy Goodman
Thursday, November 12 at Plymouth Church!


Honoring Amy Goodman!

Thursday, November 12 , 6–9:30 pm
Plymouth Church, 57 Orange St., Brooklyn
between Henry and Hicks in Brooklyn Heights. [MAP]

Doors open at 6 pm for appetizers and drinks; program will begin at 7 pm.  Dinner and wine will be included.

Tickets go on sale August 15, 2015!

Please visit or call 718-624-5921 for tickets.


Your Calls Really Count!
Call Congress Now!
Support Diplomacy NOT another war!

News reports state that Senator Schumer is moving closer to OPPOSING the Iran agreement. Bad news. Schumer would bring other wavering Democrats with him and would increase chances of an override to the President’s veto. Close to $40 million is being spent by the opposition to overturn this historic agreement and move closer to another war. Call Senator Schumer and tell him to support his president, diplomacy and peace with Iran…NOT ANOTHER WAR!

had enough war - take action to stop another one

Brooklyn To Congress:
“Support Peace & Diplomacy!
We Don’t Want Another War!”

Aug 1, 2015

Continuing their campaign to build support among their Brooklyn neighbors, BFP volunteers were out in front of the Central Library today. Flyers were handed out and postcards to Congress demanding support for the agreement on Iran’s  nuclear programs were collected. So far, Brooklyn For Peace has collected over 1,700 postcards from Brooklyn residents reflecting the widespread support for diplomacy and against a third Middle East war.

The flyer handed out at Brooklyn’s Central Library today.

At times, there were so many people wanting to sign postcards that they had to wait on line. It was a sweltering day so that was a good measure of people’s commitment. Impressive! Congress … are you listening?

Our campaign will continue in the weeks ahead. Want to join us? Write to and we’ll send you details of our next mobilization.

Brooklynites lining up to send postcards to Congress.
Brooklynites lining up to send postcards to Congress in front of the library at Grand Army Plaza today.

Iran Deal: Keep It or Kill It?
See Our Latest Flyer On Iran…

Jul 31, 2015

Brooklyn For Peace has been out on the street corners of our Brooklyn neighborhoods, educating on the issue and supporting diplomacy with Iran vs. another Middle East war. Sentiment has been overwhelmingly in favor of the agreement with Iran and we’ve collected close to 1,700 postcards to Congress – Senators and Reps urging them to stand up for peace and diplomacy.

You can join the campaign — just email us:


BFP Has Been Waging Peace
By Urging Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran.

Jul 5, 2015

Over the last few months Brooklyn For Peace volunteers, led by the group’s Peace And Economic Justice Committee (PEJ) have been out in the streets urging success for the diplomatic agreement that the Obama administration, along with its five partners, have been negotiating with Iran over that country’s nuclear programs. The peace movement has for years been advocating the use of discussion to settle disputes rather than resorting to military force and war which had been the policy of  Bush and Cheney and their Neo-Con allies.

Sending postcards for peace with Iran.
A BFP table at the Fifth Avenue Fair in Park Slope this May. Over 1,500 postcards were collected at this table and others over the last few months.

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Iran: War or Peace?

2015 May Iran Flyer Image BFP only

The United States and five other countries are about to conclude an agreement with Iran that will settle differences over that nation’s nuclear programs. The agreement will go a long way toward normalizing relations with Iran and establish a regimen on inspection that will block Iran’s pathway to a nuclear weapon, and eliminate a possible major security threat without resorting to war. (It should be noted that even U.S. intelligence agencies have never made the claim that Iran does have or intends to develop a nuclear weapons program.) During the next few weeks, Members of Congress will decide where they stand on the final Iran deal. It’s important for Congress to hear strong, pro-diplomacy statements from the people they represent.

Use this link provided by Win Without War to email your legislators and ask them to support diplomacy – not war – with Iran.

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