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Calendar of Events

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Current Activities

JUNE 27, SAT, 11 am to 5 pm:
Brooklyn Peace & Justice Fair!!
See the schedule of activities and performances!

Join us for the Brooklyn Peace & Justice Fair!

WHEN: Saturday, June 27
11:00 am to 5:00 pm
WHERE: Cuyler Gore Park (in Fort Greene), Fulton St., Greene Ave and Carlton Ave. [MAP]

How to get there:
Train: C to Lafayette/Fulton); G to Fulton;Lafayette; 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/R/Q/LIRR to Atlantic Terminal (7-10 min walking distance)
Bus: B25, B26, B52 (stops right at the park); B38 to Lafayette & Cumberland (one block away);  B69 to Vanderbilt & Fulton (3 blocks away)


Art, games, kids’ activities,  music, dance, theater, poetry, discussion groups, puppets, yoga, button making, know your rights trainings, peace and justice information, and more!

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Child/family friendly event! There is a children’s playground and sprinklers in the park.

Rain Location: Lafayette Ave Presbyterian Church, 85 South Oxford St (between Lafayette and Fulton)
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On Memorial Day —
Supporting The Troops
Hating The Wars!

May 26, 2015

Hundreds of veterans and their friends, families and supporters marched through Bedford Stuyvesant yesterday to honor soldiers who fought in U.S. wars. Many of those young women and men never returned, lost forever in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Of those who did, many returned horribly wounded with deep emotional scars. Brooklyn For Peace (BFP) was asked to participate by the parade’s sponsor: Black Veterans For Social Justice (BVSJ)The two groups have had a long-standing relationship of friendship and solidarity.

Brooklyn For Peace holds our country’s troops in high regard but is opposed to the wars and those in government who start those wars using lies and deception to put young people in the armed forces in harm’s way, sent to kill and be killed in illegal and unjust military action. In partaking in Memorial Day, it’s important to restate our commitment to ending these wars and redirecting our nation’s vast resources to be used to help people, solve critical problems of joblessness, climate change, infrastructure decay, and the funding of our public school system. The latter is particularly important so that young people have a career choice other than military service and fighting in wars that serve only to enrich the military contractors or make the world safe for U.S. oil companies.

Our banners and participation in the parade were warmly acknowledged by residents as we march through the community and by the other participants assembled at the parade’s end in front of the BVSJ headquarters. Take a look at photos of the day’s event in our BFP Photo Gallery: CLICK HERE.

The Soul Tigers marching and drum band started
things off with a bang at the Bed Stuy Memorial Day parade.
More photos

BFP Visits Schumer’s Office
On His Iran Policy
And Demands: ‘Speak Out For Diplomacy!’

May 12, 2015

Under the auspices of Brooklyn For Peace (BFP), a delegation of six peace advocates met with aides to the U.S. Senator from New York, Charles Schumer. Meeting at his midtown Manhattan office, the delegation was a diverse slice of the Senator’s constituents. The purpose of the visit was to let the Senator know of the strongly-held disappointment at his cooperation with some of the Senate’s most virulent pro-war members who have been unstinting in their efforts to derail the negotiations and agreement with Iran, hammered out by the President and John Kerry and five other nations  over disputes with Iran’s nuclear program.

The BFP delegation to Senator Schumer. Left to right: Matthew Weinstein, Ervand Abrahamian, Lucy Koteen, Bruce Altschuler, Veronica Nunn and Bernard Tuchman

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Iran: War or Peace?

2015 May Iran Flyer Image BFP only

The United States and five other countries are about to conclude an agreement with Iran that will settle differences over that nation’s nuclear programs. The agreement will go a long way toward normalizing relations with Iran and establish a regimen on inspection that will block Iran’s pathway to a nucleaer weapon, and eliminate a possible major security threat without resorting to war. (It should be noted that even U.S. intelligence agencies have never made the claim that Iran does have or intends to develop a nuclear weapons program.) During the next few weeks, Members of Congress will decide where they stand on the final Iran deal. It’s important for Congress to hear strong, pro-diplomacy statements from the people they represent.

Use this link provided by Win Without War to email your legislators and ask them to support diplomacy – not war – with Iran.

If successful, the agreement will help calm the Middle East, a region that is boiling with crisis. The Republicans want to kill the agreement with Iran but they can’t do it without help from Democrats.

Senator Charles Schumer is teaming up with pro-war Republicans to undermine the President and destroy any possibility of reaching a settlment with Iran. If successful, Iran will be free to pursue nuclear weapons, (although it has our country’s position with its partners will be weakened and a yet another war will be brought much closer.

In the Senate, the GOP is trying, with major help from Charles Schumer, to assemble a vetoproof vote that can scuttle President Obama’s diplomacy.

In the House, a group of Democrats are supporting diplomacy by signing on to Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s Congressional letter… but some of our Bklyn Reps have not signed on.

Members of Congress are already hearing from those hawks trying to scuttle any agreement. Their arguments are as predictable as they are false. These are the same people who dragged our country to war in Iraq through lies, misinformation, and fear mongering. Let’s not let them do it again!
Your phone call is also important!
Call (877) 762-8762 to speak directly with your Senator and Representative’s office on this issue.

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Marching For The Future Of Our World.
Marching For Peace And Planet.

► To see photos and videos of the day’s events go here.

Apr 26, 2015

They filled Union Square North by the thousands – a beautiful sight! With banners, posters, balloons and colorful costumes, thousands assembled to listen to speakers and prepare to march to the United Nations. They came to make demands on the world’s leaders who would be assembling this month in NY at the UN headquarters to discuss and debate the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The demand would be simple: Make the treaty work! Forty-five years after its signing, proliferation of these earth-killing weapons is a tragic fact of 21st century life and the threat of nuclear war continues to hang heavily over the fate of humankind.

The BFP contingent, spirited and loud,
in the Peace And Planet march to the United Nations.

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Getting Out For April 26th!

Apr 19, 2015

Brooklyn For Peace members were out at the borough’s Central Library yesterday on the first really beautiful day of the season. People were out too – strolling, jogging, bike riding and shopping at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket.

BFP table at the Grand Army Plaza library.

A table had been set up promoting the April 26th march from Union Square to the United Nations. The marchers will demand a total ban on nuclear weapons and a sustainable, peaceful and just world from the world’s leaders who will be assembling to discuss the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

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