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Calendar of Events

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Current Activities

Mon 3/19, 7 pm:
Palestinian Resistance, Israeli Oppression:
How Should Activists Respond?

A Palestinian-led movement, ISM follows its own strict guidelines of nonviolence, using direct action and documentation to intervene when Israel violates international law in the oppression of Palestinians. In 2002 the ISM made headlines in defending Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity and the ancient Nablus Casbah, and documented destruction and mass killing of Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp.

Two representatives from ISM will discuss current conditions in Palestine and the work ISM continues to do.

Rana Nazal

Palestinian ISM coordinator Rana Nazzal has trained and provided orientation to ISM volunteers in Palestine. In 2013, she and Nariman Tamimi, the mother of Ahed, were arrested in Nabi Saleh by the Israeli military occupation.

Joe Catron

The ISM volunteer for the east coast, Joe Catron, reported from Gaza during several major Israeli attacks. He is now an independent reporter on Palestine and the Middle East, as well as a widely followed commentator on social media.

Ahed Tamimi and Janna Ayyad

The program will include an abridged screening of Radiance of Resistance, produced by ISM volunteers, featuring Ahed Tamimi, and her cousin, Janna Ayyad — winner of Best Documentary, Respect Human Rights Film Festival, Belfast.

The Commons Cafe388 Atlantic Avenue between Hoyt and Bond,  Brooklyn, NY 11217
This venue is wheelchair accessible. 
Free admission.

Park Slope United Methodist Church Social Action Committee; Jewish Voice for Peace/NYC; Park Slope Food Coop Members for BDS See it on Facebook.

Phone: 718-624-5921

Stop US Support for Saudi-led War in Yemen!

Your call is needed! Vote likely to come up in week starting Mon March 19:
Call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand. Call again on Monday even if you’ve called before:
Demand that they vote FOR the Sanders-Lee Resolution (S. J Res 54) which would invokes invokes the War Powers act to stop the unconstitutional U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Tell them to vote AGAINST S.J. Res 55 (Young–Shaneen) which is a much weaker resolution and undercuts the need for Congress to take back its authority in declaring war.

Call 1-833-STOP-WAR (1-833-786-7927) to be connected to both offices.
Put your demand in writing by email to Schumer or Gillibrand
Sign the petition if you haven’t already done so

Watch and share this video by Mark Ruffalo on Facebook and Twitter

Which Way In Korea?
Threats and War or Olympic Truce and Diplomacy
Actions we can take for peace

Did you miss our Forum on Feb 22, 2018?

Which Way In Korea? Threats and War or Olympic Truce and Diplomacy?

  • Is North Korea really a threat to the United States?
  • What’s the history of US nuclear policy toward North Korea?
  • What is the “freeze for a freeze” proposal?
  • What is the Olympic Truce?

Speakers Juyeon J.C. Rhee and William “Bill” Hartung addressed these questions to an audience gathered at the Brooklyn Commons, cutting through the biased and inadequate coverage which is generally available in mainstream media.

* Juyeon J.C. Rhee,  Korean-born grassroots organizer, Board member of Nodutdol for Korean Community Development and the Korea Policy Institute, gave a basic and thorough history of Korea, and background on the current crisis and the Korean-American peace movement. She detailed the long history of treachery and domination by the U.S.

* William (“Bill”) Hartung, Director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, spoke to issues of U.S. nuclear policy as it relates to North Korea, particularly in view of President Trump’s recent threat of unleashing ‘fire and fury like the world has never seen’ against North Korea.” He called for pressure on our Senators and House members to take a stand for diplomacy to head off the increasing danger of war.

The event was sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace.
Co-sponsors were Fort Greene Peace, Historians for Peace and Democracy, and Peace Action New York State.

Click here for photos.

See the program on YouTube.

Click here for the People’s Peace Treaty with North Korea. Please add your name!!

Three legislative initiatives are currently in Congress. They need more support and leadership from our Brooklyn representatives. Please contact the individuals who represents you in Congress (your own rep, and both Senators) to thank them if they have already signed on, and to urge them to do so if they have not. Congressional Switchboard: 877-762-8762

HR 669/S.200 would restrict the first use of nuclear weapons. Sen. Schumer is alone among the Brooklyn delegation in not signing on as a co-sponsor. He should be urged to do so. The others should be thanked and urged to take a more visible leadership role.

HR 4140/S.2016 and also H.R. 4837 would prohibit an unconstitutional strike against North Korea.
Reps Nadler, Clarke, and Velazquez have signed on to HR 4837 as well as HR 4140  but Jeffries, and Donovan have not. Maloney has signed on only to HR 4140. In the Senate, neither Gillibrand nor Schumer has signed on to S. 2016.

S.2047 (introduced by Sen. Chris Murphy) would prevent pre-emptive war against North Korea. Sen Gillibrand has signed on by Sen Schumer has not.

Additional resources:
The Long Dirty History of U.S. Warmongering Against North Korea, by Christine Hong (4/25/2017) 

South Korea: Straying Off the Leash?  by Ramsey Liem, Feb 9, 2018

North Korea Is More Rational Than You Think: An Interview with Bruce Cummings  Feb 12, 2018


A Parade for Peace Not for War!

#ProudAfricans Coalition Protest at U.N. (Feb 15, 2018)

#ProudAfricans Coalition Protest at UNITED NATIONS

#ProudAfricans a coalition of African, Caribbean, and African-American activists, human rights, and professional organizations hosted a protest rally outside the UN at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza park on Thursday Feb. 15 to denounce the recent anti-Africa racist comments by President Donald Trump and to highlight Africa’s past and continuing contributions in the creation of wealth and prosperity in the industrialized West. Dr. Mohammed Nurhussein, Chair of the United African Congress, and Board member of Brooklyn For Peace, was a lead speaker at the rally. Click here for his remarks.

Prof. Milton Allimadi also spoke. Click here to read his speech.

Organized by: United African Congress (UAC), Institute of the Black World 21st Century, Give Them A Hand Foundation, African Diaspora Coalition for Justice,, The Black Star News, African Women Solidarity Action for Development, African Hope Committee, African Commission of Newark, New Jersey,  African Human Rights Commission.

Endorsed by: Brooklyn For Peace
See it on Facebook
See Press Release in Black Star News
See it on YouTube

Brooklyn Has a Heart for Yemen!

January 25, 2018

An overflow crowd filled the meeting room at the Brooklyn Commons tonight for An Evening for the People of Yemen. Some $2642.00 was raised through donations at the event and at Brooklyn For Peace’s dedicated Yemen fundraising page!

The money will go directly to Yemen for food aid to the people there who are facing severe malnutrition and starvation due to the US-abetted Saudi blockade of that suffering country. The donations go to the inspiring relief organization, Action Against Hunger, who BFP partnered with.

You can still donate at our BFP fundraising page here:

An overflow crowd filled the Brooklyn Commons.

The event featured wonderful Arabic music by skilled oudist, Hadi Eldebek and his brother, Mohamad Eledebek on percussion. They thrilled the gathering as did the dynamic theatrical duo playwright Karen Malpede and actress Kathleen Chalfant who performed Malpede’s playlet “Dinner During Yemen.”

The program proceeded with hard-hitting discussion led by Yemeni activist Ibraham Qatabi and Amnesty International;s Sherine Tadros. Also speaking were Jen Major from Action Against Hunger and Michael Page for Human Rights Watch. A spirited Q&A followed the presentations.

This was a night to remember. Brooklyn For Peace performed a valuable task — raising money to concretely help people in Yemen as well as raising awareness in our community of a human catastrophe that has largely been kept off the front page. We reminded people of our responsibility as Americans to insist that our government desist from helping the Saudi regime in carrying out war crimes against the people of Yemen with its horrific bombing and its strangulating blockade.

See photos here.
See a full-length video of the program here.

Please take the time to contact your Rep in Congress and ask them to sign on to H.Con 81, which calls for withdrawal of US forces from Yemen. Thus far the only Brooklyn rep who has signed on is Carolyn Maloney. Also demand that the US follow Norway’s lead in halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Calls or e-mails to our Senators with this message are also important although sadly no legislation has as yet been introduced in the Senate addressing this disastrous situation.

You can also continue to donate through our dedicated fundraising page. 


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