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Calendar of Events

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Uniting to build peace for future generations

Current Activities

2017 Pathmakers to Peace

The 2017 PathMakers to Peace Reception & Gala Dinner will be held Thursday, November 30, 2017 at the historic Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights at 6:00 pm.

PathMakers to Peace honors individuals and organizations who have played a leadership role in forging new pathways in the movement for peace and justice. This year, we are pleased to honor:

  • Linda Sarsour
    Racial Justice and Civil Rights Activist; Co-Organizer Women’s March 2017;
    Co-Founder/CEO at MPower Change
  • Leslie Cagan
    Coordinator, Peoples Climate Movement NY;
    Co-Founder, United for Peace and Justice
    An intergenerational, multi-racial, nationally-recognized, grassroots organization
    led by women of color, working at the intersection of racial justice and climate
    change, promoting sustainability and resiliency, and a leader in the movement for
    environmental justice

WHEN: Thursday, November 30 from 6:00 to 9:30 pm
WHERE: Plymouth Church, 57 Orange St. Brooklyn Heights [MAP] (Plymouth Church is 75 Hicks Street but event entrance is around the corner at 57 Orange Street through the garden)

Tickets and tables available now. All proceeds benefit the peace and justice work of Brooklyn For Peace. Portion of ticket price is tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Brooklynites March Against War on 16th Anniversary of War in Afghanistan

BROOKLYN, October 7, 2017 — Dozens of Brooklyn residents gathered at Barclays Center on Saturday October 7 to  mark the 16th anniversary of the  war in Afghanistan. Singing, chanting, and carrying signs protesting war and nuclear weapons, they marched through downtown Brooklyn before boarding the subway to join the city-wide  “March To End Our Endless Wars” in Washington Square Park and the Vigil for Yemen in Manhattan’s Union Square.

Organized by Brooklyn For Peace and Fort Greene Peace, the activists distributed flyers to passers-by along Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street urging people to call Congress demanding an end to U.S. participation in the wars throughout the Middle East that are causing high civilian casualties while failing to bring the region closer to peace and stability. (Click here to see the flyer.) Members of the Granny Peace Brigade, Green Party of Brooklyn, Military Families Speak Out/NYC, Peace Action New York State, War Resisters League/NYC, and World Can’t Wait also participated.

“These wars have turned functioning nations into wastelands, creating an enormous refugee crisis, and breeding hatred for the U.S. for the devastation its military has caused And here at home, the cost of fighting these wars, year after year after year, is draining funds from things that the American people need such as health care, mass transit, and education,” said Tara Currie, a member of Brooklyn For Peace.

If you agree with us that 16 years of war in Afghanistan are 16 years too many, join us to work for the elimination of war and the social and economic injustices that give rise to it. E-mail to find out how you can participate.

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Brooklyn For Peace Urges Calls To Congress
To Back Away From Brink In Korea

Sep 28, 2017

Brooklyn For Peace has published a new flyer urging calls and emails to House members and Senator, urging them to speak up against the increasing bellicose rhetoric of Donald Trump that is inflaming an already-dangerous crisis with North Korea. Most foreign policy experts have been extremely critical of Trump’s threats to “totally destroy” North Korea, saying that such braggadocio and war-mongering puts the possibility of a catastrophic war on a hair-trigger, a war that can easily and unpredictably develop into a nuclear conflict.

You can download the flyer here: If you would like to help distribute this in your neighborhood, please contact us at

Hundreds Send Photo Message To Congress
To “End These Endless Wars!”
At BFP’s Atlantic Antic Table

Sunday, Sep 24, 2017

Brooklyn For Peace was at the Atlantic Antic today, the city’s largest street fair, one that attracts tens of thousands of people who love to shop, eat and enjoy NYC and its people.

BROOKLYN FOR PEACE ( had their table with its popular Penny Poll (How do you want your taxes used? For war? Or for jobs, health care, education and mass transit)?
Brooklynites polled answered overwhelmingly: “Stop spending our taxes on endless wars…Move the money from war to our communities!”

And our new “SEND CONGRESS A PHOTO MESSAGE” Photo Booth had people crowding our table…here’s how it worked: A participant selected a sign with a message (we supplied many different messages). Then we snapped their photo with message held aloft. We’ll send hundreds of them to our Brooklyn House members and U.S. Senators. Yes! Hundreds said “take my picture. I want to send Congress a message!”

A great day in Brooklyn working for peace and justice.
If you want to participate in this and other campaigns, please drop us an email at

BFP At The Flatbush Frolic Street Fair—
A Smashing Success For Peace!

Sep 17, 2017

Brooklyn For Peace has a long history of tabling at the borough’s varied and many street fairs. One of our favorites has been the Flatbush Frolic, on Cortelyou Road in Flatbush, just south of Prospect Park. This is a wonderfully diverse neighborhood and has a more relaxed feel than other fairs.

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Step up to speak out against war!
Join us on Sun 9/24 at the Atlantic Antic

Haven’t we had enough war??
Join Brooklyn For Peace to speak up NOW, or face new Trump wars in Syria, Korea, Iran, or elsewhere:

**Thousands more US troops in Afghanistan
**US bombing in Syria
**Danger of hot war in Korea
**Threats to use nuclear weapons
**Possibility of military intervention in Venezuela
**Trillion dollar upgrade of US nuclear arsenal planned
**Trying to cancel the historic agreement with Iran

It’s time to take action for peace!

Join us on Sunday Sept 24. Reach out to our neighbors at the Atlantic Antic. We’ll be distributing flyers  and inviting folks to use our photo booth to send a message to our elected officials. (Click here to see the flyer.)

Sign up here.
Atlantic Antic: 245 Atlantic Ave between Court and Boerum Place

If the time slot you want is already filled, just come by. Look for our red tent. We can always use more folks!

Join with us to work against militarism and war!
Help us organize and build a movement for peace and economic justice!

E-mail or call 718-624-5921 for more info.



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