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Calendar of Events

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Current Activities

Sun 3/19, 12 noon: Anti-War Demo:
14th Anniversary, U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Sun 3/19, 12 noon–2 pm:

Let’s remind our fellow New Yorkers about the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the disastrous consequences which are continuing to follow.

Sunday, Mar. 19, 2017 12 noon vigil at NY Public Library (5 Ave. & 41 St.)
Then march with Rude Mechanical Orchestra to Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station

This is a commemoration off the 14th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. WAR DOESN’T WORK.
In 2003 President Bush promised liberty and security for the people of Iraq and peace for the world but 14 years later: 1 million war-related deaths, 4.4 million Iraqi refugees, start of ISIS, corrupt and weak government in Iraq, alarming rate of U.S. veterans suicides, $2 trillion for war instead of vitally needed services at home and abroad.

Action initiated by the NYC War Resisters League

Co-sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace and many others, including World Can’t Wait, NYC Metro Raging Grannies, Pax Christi Metro New York, Green Party of Brooklyn, Gotham Greens, Veterans For Peace NYC Chapter 34, Peace Action NYS, Peace Action Manhattan, Peace Action Staten Island, Kairos Community, Women in Black/Union Square, United for Peace and Justice, NYC Code Pink, Granny Peace Brigade

SAVE THE DATE—Tuesday April 4th
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Write or Call Congress Now—
Take Trump’s Hand Off The Nuclear Button!

Mar 2, 2017

A new resolution is circulating in Congress. H.R. 669 is called “Restricting the First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act.” The act would require a congressional declaration of war in order to use nuclear weapons, except in response to an incoming nuclear attack, effectively blocking Trump from starting a nuclear war on a whim or because someone hurts his feelings on Twitter.

With Trump’s call for a nuclear build-up (as if the U.S. didn’t already possess enough of these earth-destroying weapons) and his oft-stated calls for possibly using them, not to mention his total ignorance on matters of nuclear arms control, it is imperative to support and pass this bill.

Here are two things you can do to help advance this bill—

  1. Sign a petition being circulated by CREDO.  The petition calls for support of H.R. 669 and is directed to Congress.  You can sign the petition here.
  2. Call, write, email or FAX a letter to your House member, urging them to support and work for passage of H.R. 669. If you don’t know who your House Representive is, find them here: link will also give you contact information: phone numbers, mail addresses, FAX numbers as well as sending an online e-mail message. Note that the best method with the greatest impact is a written letter or FAX. The phone numbers are often busy and don’t deliver as much impact as a written letter which is given great attention.

If you already know your House member, you can Congress  at (877) 762-8762. But, .again, a written letter is the most effective.

Go here to see a sample letter.

Join Us! Sun 2/19, noon–4 pm:”I Am A Muslim Too!”
Rally at Times Square

Sunday Feb 19, 12 noon–4 pm:
(48th St & Broadway)
Let’s stand up together for our Muslim brothers and sisters in support of equality and tolerance.
Organized by: The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and the Nusantara Foundation with support from over 150 partner organizations including the Muslim Community Network.
Speakers include Russell Simmons, Imam Shamsi Ali, Rabbi Marc Schneier, Daisy Khan, Linda Sarsour and Debbie Almonstaser
Family friendly event!
Endorsed by Brooklyn For Peace

BFP Teach-In Reflects Huge Upsurge In Activism!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Note: Photos from the BFP Teach-In can be viewed HERE.

Well over a hundred people filled up the auditorium in Touhy Hall at St. Joseph’s College in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brookyn.

There were there to attend an all day teach-in. The event, titled “The People Or Trump,” was called to examine Trump’s projected aggressive approach to using military solutions in international conflicts, his calls for a huge buildup in military expenditures and his beligerant approach to many different countries. How would this affect our communities? Could we expect more cutbacks to vital social services? Where will challenges to peace most likely occur?

The Teach-In consisted of two sessions. In the morning session, experts focused on the military budget and the Mid East.

The afternoon panel. Community activists in various areas of work shared their ideas on how to build a united movement to defeat Trumpism.

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A Hate Free Zone Is Born In Kensington, Brooklyn.

Jan 25, 2017

Hundreds gathered at dusk in Brooklyn in the Kensington neighborhood which has a large population of South Asisan and Muslim residents. The crowd was a beautiful representation of the borough’ diversity with large numbers of white and South Asian folks. Many Muslim residents were there as well, evidenced by hijab head coverings on many of the women participants.

In the Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn, a diverse crowd of several hundred rallied against hate. They expressed their solidarity with the South Asian community who are residents of that neighborhood with a large percentasge of Muslims.

The rally was called to declare Kensington a “Hate-Free Zone” as part of a campaign in the city that is spreading from neighborhood to neighborhood as a defense against expected anti-Muslim repression and attacks by the new administration in Washington. Sponsors of tonight’s rally included DRUM, Desis Rising Up And Moving and JFREJ, Jews For Racial And Economic Justice. Speakers addressed the large crowd and also led them in chants declaring solidarity with Muslim residents.

This was one of hundreds or thousands of similar actions that are now growing in number and size around the country as Americans begin to build a movement that can prevent Trump and his cohorts from turning the country back to earlier times when equality was just a dream and racism and repression was the order of the day.

Go HERE to see all the photos

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