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Uniting to build peace for future generations

Current Activities

Tues Jan 28, 7:00 pm
BFP Forum: What Is Happening in Bolivia,
And Why It Matters

Join us at the Brooklyn Commons on Tues Jan 28 from 7 – 9 pm for a public forum to address what is happening in Bolivia. More info.

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Saying Goodbye And Saying Hello

Jan 24, 2020—

To see all the photos from today’s celebration just click HERE.

A group of BFPers had lunch yesterday at the Bedouin Tent on Atlantic Avenue.

But it wasn’t just any old get-together. We were there to say welcome and hello to our new Program Coordinator, Natasha Santos.

But often, when you say hello you also say goodbye. In this case, we were losing our current Program Coordinator. Yes, we also gathered to say ‘farewell’ to Emilie Beck who served with steadiness and skill.

Emilie kept our office in perfect condition, made and maintained contact with many organizations and individuals and helped organize and prepare for a multitude of BFP events in her time as PC.

A nice lunch at Atlantic Avenue’s Bedouin Tent restaurant. We were welcoming Natasha and saying thank you and farewell to Emilie, the new and departing Program Coordinator.

Emilie is leaving to continue her education and we’re confident she’ll be doing some great things as she moves forward. But we will miss her at the same time we look forward to working with Natasha.

To see photos from today’s celebration just click HERE.

Take Immediate Action to Prevent War Against Iran

Call your Congress Member and ask them to co-sponsor this anti-war legislation:

No War With Iran Act (Bill no. H.R.5543)

Links to the text and full list of cosponsors

Barbara Lee’s bill to repeal the AUMF (Bill no. H.R.2456)

Links to the text and full list of cosponsors

Find your rep here. DSA Anti-War Working Group put together these great talking points. Get in touch with them for more info at

Then call your Senator and ask them to co-sponsor the No War Against Iran Act.

Iran talking points

  • It’s urgent. We may avoid all-out war but things could still re-escalate at any moment
  • The status quo of crippling sanctions is unsustainable; if left unchecked, things will keep getting worse for Iranians

AUMF talking points

  • It’s the Authorization for Use of Military Force (on Iraq, 2002)
  • It authorizes the President to use the military against anyone associated with the 9/11 hijackers. It is a legal cornerstone of the war on terror.
  • In practice it functions as a blank check for endless war. Trump used it to justify arming the Saudis in Yemen & assassinating Soleimani
  • We want a repeal without reauthorization. No more war on terror, no more racial/religious profiling—no new AUMF!

Save the date!
Thurs March 19, 7:00 pm Wrestling With Zionism

Join us for an evening of storytelling, offering a fresh way to grapple with our relationships to Israel/Palestine. More info to come! Stay tuned.

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Action Alert: Mon Jan 6
Call Chuck Schumer Today!!

As the most powerful Democrat in the US Senate, it is vitally important that Senator Schumer quickly denounce the illegal assassination of Iranian General Soleimani and speak up loudly and clearly against any further military action against Iran.

From Schumer’s past performance, we know that he is unlikely to speak for peace unless he hears from his constituents, who are loud and clear in their demand for diplomacy not war.

The Senator’s DC office is often difficult to reach. So if you cannot get through, call any of his state offices:

DC office: 202-224-6542

Other numbers:
(518) 431-4070 . (607) 772-6792 . (716) 846-4111 . (631) 753-0978 . (212) 486-4430 . (914) 734-1532 . (585) 263-586 . (315) 423-5471

Let Senator Schumer’s phone ring off the hook with our urgent message: No US military action against Iran! Then call a friend or relative and ask that they do the same.

For more information, see this flyer.

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